The Dinner Disaster

For Jon's amusement, as well as everyone else. I only wish I could have taken a picture.

So...Kevin was home early today and we did some laundry, played with Kian, played Wii, what not. He had to go train another client in Spencerport (about 8 mins away for the rest of you) at 5-6pm. Well, playing with Kian, a cranky Kian, writing a blog, time got away from me. I quick started dinner: pork chops (under the broiler, mm mm I love them) potato wedges, corn, some cantaloupe.
And of course Kian was hollering for his food. I fed him a few spoonfuls at a time, and thought it would be a grand idea to make another batch of cranberry oatmeal cookies (I'll post the recipe later, soooo delish!). Then Kian wanted MORE food. Then Kevin came home. I pulled the potatoes and pork chops from the oven, set them on the stove top. I began plating the food (such fancy chef terms, I know).
I put the pork chops on, went to get tongs for the potatoes. Then noticed that the pork chop juice was burning on my pan. Oh yes, here is where it gets bad. Moments before, I had washed my hands with super hot water. So my genius brain says, just put a few drops of water in there to make sure it doesn't get burned/stuck on.
Unbeknownst to me (I rarely get to use that word!) Kevin had filled his cup with ICE COLD water, after I washed my hands with super hot water, before I put some water in the super, incredibly hot glass pan. Did I mention it was a glass pan? Does anyone know what happens to glass, especially a 9x9 glass pan, that's super, incredibly, burning hot when it comes in contact with freezing cold water? No? Let me tell you. It shatters. Not just shatters, bursts. Into amazing tiny shards. And I burst into a strange combination of laughing and crying at the same time. It was funny, yet scary, and I realized I had almost been injured and my dinner was ruined. I would laugh then start to sob then laugh. Kevin, thankfully laughed and didn't make me feel worse.
Thank God I had just set it down on the trivet and it was not still in my hands, I would have had glass all up my arms and in my face. But, I lost a pan. And our dinner. Yep, dinner was beautifully sprinkled with tiny glass shards. Sigh. So, what do you do when your dinner is lovingly adorned with shiny slivers of glass? Dig through the freezer and find frozen fish fillets to quick throw in the still warm oven. Thank goodness I made cranberry cookies to make me feel better.
Laugh Jon, laugh.

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