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So, sometimes I get a chance to peruse and catch up on the latest news around the world. I just have some random thoughts on some of the headlines:

Babysitter 'killed' boy: after the one year old dies, in Connecticut, the babysitter gave various versions of what happened. Finally she says that he smacked his head a few times on a door frame as she was playing a game where she ran about the house carrying him in a sleeping bag. First if that happened, call someone, tell someone, get him some medical attention! Good Lord, these people have no common sense! Second, he's already dead, you're already the suspect in custody, why bother lying anymore? Third, just goes to prove you can hardly trust anyone. This is why part of me prefers daycare centers-there's so many people, rules, regulations, people always watching and knowing what goes on. Home daycares do not have the same supervision, although can be great, but when only one adult is present I think it's easier to cover up things.

Stacy Peterson/police husband suspect: So this girl has been gone for a few months now. The husband is a suspect but has not been arrested for lack of evidence I suppose. He claims she ran off with a lover, leaving her two small boys. A mother would have to have some hefty mental health issues to leave her children. In my opinion, the husband did have something to do with it. He's cocky. But that's another story. The new development is this: the HUSBAND'S LAWYER turned over Stacy's cell phone to police on DECEMBER 20th!! Why? Because the HUSBAND found a 'racy' text message on the phone from September. A. Why would police NOT already have the phone? B. I'm sure the police already checked this phone, or else they're in for some royal discipline and will be looking for new jobs. C. Why did they JUST check this phone? If someone was missing, that would be the first thing to do. 'Oh I can't find my spouse, but their phone is here, let me check that'. Idiots. I find it very, very odd that suddenly the husband found a racy message on the phone that's been laying around since she disappeared. I guess they're working with Sprint now to find out where it came from. I bet he did it, moron.

Lindsay Lohan to work in morgue as plea deal: WHAT THE CRAP?!?! I am SO SICK of stupid, moronic celebrities getting 'plea deals' and 'community service'. It's ridiculous. All her charges are misdemeanors. Now, let's revisit the facts: the first few times she was arrested she was UNDERAGE, she was drunk driving, using cocaine, etc. And that's a misdemeanor? How?! If you, or I, or any Joe Schmoe off the street was drunk driving underage they'd be locked up and it would probably be a felony. License revoked, no questions asked. I wish I was a judge in California. I do not emulate celebrities, I do not want to be them, they're so screwed up. Brittney Spears, OJ Simpson, Charlie Sheen-enough said. That goes for most of the athletes too...Michael Vick, Tank Johnson, Koren Robison. Yeah. Time to find some REAL role models. I could write a whole post on my thoughts of child stars but that'd take too long.

Sean song gives woman seizure: This I just find hilarious. I mean it's not funny she suffers a medical condition, just that his music provoked it: "GARDEN CITY, N.Y. - Now that surgeons have operated on Stacey Gayle's brain, her favorite musician no longer makes her ill. Four years after being diagnosed with epilepsy, Gayle recently underwent brain surgery at Long Island Jewish Medical Center to cure a rare condition known as musicogenic epilepsy."

Writers strike: I don't get it. I mean I get why people strike, more money, principle, whatever. I understand shows like LOST (stupid show I shall not watch anymore) Scrubs, House, etc. need writers. But, what I don't understand is why people like Jay Leno, David Letterman and such, need writers. Didn't these guys get on TV and famous because THEY were funny? They could do things to make people laugh, they came up with quick-wit, were able to find humor in any situation? So why the heck do they need writers? They should be coming up with about 90% of their own stuff. There's plenty in the world to make fun of anyway.

Alrighty. Well, there's my 2 (or 20) cents.

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Dingbat said...

You leave lohan alone! Writers don't get paid anything compared to actors. It should be the other way around. Anyone can act, but can you write the next "Superbad" ? Jay and David don't make up any of their jokes. They're just actors. Now go shovel the driveway!