Wake up call?

So I'm thinking this sickness is a mini wake up call. I've realized in the last few months I've been neglecting myself. I've been wrapped up in holidays, Christmas, shopping, baking, visiting, family issues, doing for others, Kian, Kevin, Kevin being sick all November, finances and everything else under the sun. So who gets pushed to the back burner? Me.
During the holidays I never eat as well as the rest of the year. I sleep less and sleep poorly due to all that is going on around me. I put Kevin and Kian and other family first. After Christmas we had company every day or had to be somewhere every day for 2 weeks. That doesn't bode well with nap times, mealtimes, etc. It's constant stress. (same thing happened when Kian was born we had company every single frikkin day for a month...my husband couldn't/wouldn't say no... until I freaked out on him haha) And of course I haven't worked out due to all the other time crunching activities I was doing.
I think everything just caught up with me, my body weakened by stress, little or poor sleep, constant going, poor eating, etc. So, maybe my 'resolution' is to take care of me. I can't take care of everyone else when I'm sick. And yes that includes eating better, exercising more, taking 'me' breaks, be it reading, dips in the hot tub, walks, whatever feels good. With that I shall go to bed to start my new 'resolution' =)

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