Fearless Friday

Sounded good to me anyway. There are some things I fear too much to ever try-skydiving for one, bungee-jumping for another. My other fear was that I wouldn't be able to do natural childbirth. I really did NOT want that epidural and was so afraid that my resolve would be broken and I'd just take it.
And God's funny sometimes. After being stuck at 6 cm for 9 hours and having horrendous back labor I was breaking. I said "let's just talk about the epidural". But, lo and behold they woudln't do it. Seems that my minor clotting issue hadn't been documented much in their paperwork and they didn't have my blood work results and since it was like 11pm they couldn't access them and so 'they were so sorry but wouldn't do it due to concerns and possible outcomes".
I got what I wanted alright. But, next time I will do without the stinkin' nubain too. Which didn't help any pain, just made me talk about rabbits and things like that, that shouldn't be spoken of in labor rooms.
Some fears I want to overcome, others I have no desire too. Spiders, I fear them, or hate them, I'm not sure. But I can't even look at them, even now typing about them makes me think of them and shudder. I have no desire to try to overcome that fear. To me that would be like the psychology video where they wrapped snakes around the woman who was afraid of them and left them there until she stopped screaming. No thank you!
As I get older other fears surface-fears of leaving my child and family alone, without me. Fear of heights that wasn't such a big deal before. Luckily I do not have to get up high much. So I just thought fearless friday sounded good. I'll think of some more fears I have already overcome or want to or need to overcome next week.
Who else has silly fears like spiders? ewww!

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