My hubby brought me flowers yesterday! Now, he gets me flowers for holidays and birthdays, but I mentioned a time or two that he never seems to get them "just because". But, I haven't said this in awhile. And yesterday he came home at 9:30, yes a.m. because his clients were all sick. (He did work from 5:30-9am in case you're wondering, nice huh?--And yes those would be the same clients who get him sick constantly. Why would you go work out at a gym sick???!!) So, anyways he came home with a beautiful bouquet of huge pink gerbera daisies, purple & yellow irises and some purple-y berry & leaf stuff (I don't know what it is). Sweet eh? Now, I really wish I had my camera batteries.

Thought leftover from Thursday:
*working in Early Intervention with all the speech therapists who use sign with their kids, I took a basic sign class too a few years ago, and have been using them with Kian since about 2 months old really. Wondering if anyone else does? I know it's a big thing lately and sometimes I reject things because they are trendy. I loved the class and would love to take more if time and money permitted such things, it was really fun. He knows what a few signs mean and I have seen attempts to sign 'milk' sometimes. It'd just be nice for him to tell me he wants a drink or to eat (later on) when he can't get the words out yet.

*Am I wrong to get annoyed that people try to 'name' or give nicknames to Kian's pacifier? My thought is that by the time he can say it and ask for it, it's going to be gone, so let's not even start. Of course that opens up a whole other can of worms since the boy won't sleep without it lately (I noticed when teething he really wants it more) which is going to make my job of getting rid of it really hard. But, for now I shall not think of the harsh cold turkey removal or the gradual decrease pacifier weaning...ugh!

Anyway-here's to Fridays and Flowers and have a happy weekend!


Esther Montgomery said...
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American Mum said...

Yay for flowers!

On the signing, not sure if you remember, but my dad was a sign language interpreter when we were younger. As a result, I learned to sign beofre I could speak. My grandmother was terrified I would never learn to speak! And naturally, my dad taught Noah signs as he was an infant. And what a help that was! It pays off when they're close to a year. At that point, they can sign things before they're able to speak. I'm sure we'll do it with Chloe when she's a bit older as well. I don't know if it's worth taking a class though. It's not like they learn to sign entire sentences, just key words.

Innocence Underrated said...

I should have clarified. I took a basic class (food, weather, outside, basic commands, clothing, colors, etc.) while working in Early Intervention. I would like to take another for myself because I think it's cool! I did work with some deaf or HoH families, but always had an interpreter (or if they faileld to show, lots of notes)! Some of the speech kids got really good at it and would sign "more juice please mommy" and such, but other than that one or two words to say "gimme my dang juice woman!" or "juice please". Ok enough chit chat it's workout time during naptime!

Carlo said...

I wonder what sick client gave those to him? ahahhahah aha hah