New thang

Kian pulled himself up the other day. And tries to a lot lately. He likes to try to use my hair to pull himself up on my lap. Yeah, not cool. Or he likes to grab your hands and pull to standing. We already moved his mattress down lower because we knew it was coming. Although, my wonderful husband had this brilliant idea to put the mattress on the LOWEST setting already. Why? Because the nuts & bolts were a pain in the behind to get undone and redo, so he only wanted to do it once. He didn't want to keep doing it. Fine. If you're 7 feet tall! Did I mention I really hate this crib? The stupid side doesn't go down! Ugh. Anyways. Doesn't seem to bother Kian, just me. Other than that, he's starting to realize he can move his legs separately to crawl instead of being an inchworm, legs, then arms, then legs then arms. He also loves opening and closing his refrigerator door. It makes open/close noises and he gets it to pull on the handle. Too cute. Ok, just some randomness for now.

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Dracula said...

Well I can put my own pants on. And who doesn't like to pull a girls hair... from behind. hehehe