Beauty school dropout

So, I was giving Kian a bath the other night and noticing his hair is getting longer. I wanted to see if I could do anything funny with it, spike it, whatever, like you see in all the commercials and magazines. Well, baby shampoo isn't very 'lathery' or bubbly, and being so wet, it wouldn't do anything. All I managed was a tiny little unicorn-like horn. How....dumb. But, as I snapped a few pictures anyways I started humming "beauty school dropout" from Grease.

Your story sad to tell A teenage ne'er do well Most mixed up non-delinquent on the block!

Your future's so unclear now What's left of your career now? Can't even get a trade in on your smile!

Angels: (La lalala lalala lalala...)

Beauty school dropout No graduation day for you.

Beauty school dropout Missed your midterms and flunked shampoo!

Well at least you could have taken time, to wash and clean your clothes up

After spending all that dough to have the doctor fix your noseup!

Baby don't sweat it (Don't sweat it) You're not cut out to hold a job

Better forget it (Forget it) Who wants their hair done by a slob?

Now your bangs are curled, your lashes whirled, but still the world is cruel.

Wipe off that angel face and go back to high school!

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Shoeless Joe said...

You watch too much tv.