Is there a woman in there?

This has NOTHING to do with my political views. I actually feel sorry for Hillary Clinton. She must have a staff that lies to her and tells her she looks good, when she in fact, does not. No one's perfect, but this lady needs some help with her fashion. Let's take a peek:
Eeek! That color! That jacket, the cut, the collar. Eek!

You'll notice this long jacket trend. She's trying to cover/hide some hips and/or butt. But! It's clearly not working. In fact it makes her backside look even larger.
This is halfway decent. But does this woman EVER, EVER, EVER wear a dress or skirt?

Bumble bee? Is it Halloween Hillary?

UPS called, they want their uniforms back, along with the packages you're hiding underneath that jacket too: Note the extra-large looking backside.


Clinton?!Where are you "What Not To Wear" ? Why have you not helped Hillary with her wardrobe yet?! (Bill and Hillary look like a tropical fruit salad in this photo.) And Nick Arrojo, we need your expertise with her hair too!

Help! Please, please, please, she's begging you to help her wardrobe! (Ellen's shirt isn't too great either!) Good Lord, what is with that shirt under that jacket? It screams 80's. And the belt? Oh my.

Hahaha, I find my sense of style utterly ridiculous too Dave!Another long jacket. Does she own anything else?

I sincerely believe she would get more votes if she dressed more feminine. She's trying to exude power, but it exudes "butch marm who wants to rap your knuckles" to me. If she softened up a bit, less harsh colors, more feminine suits with skirts or dresses, both men and women would be more likely to vote for her because they could connect with her more. Well, I could anyways if she wore more skirts and was more feminine. She's far too much like that boss you avoid, with their power suits, pens with their initials on them in gold, always 8.7 minutes early to every meeting, never spills coffee on their shirt...yeah, that one.

This shows how totally changed Hillary's appearance (for their own site) amazing, but a bit over the top. Let's keep it realistic. There was a hint of femininity with that lace and the pearl earrings, but that collar is just not right.

Then there's the speculation on plastic surgery: (which is fine, if you so choose, but if you did, 'fess up-everyone's doing it anyways)

And that hair again! Poor Hillary.

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