Well, we made it through the first day yesterday. First off, let me just tell you, I'm jumping right back into the poor management I left. Ugh. When I went into meet with the supervisor we discussed doing half days. She says "what does that look like to you?" (As Amy put it, "what does that look like to anyone?! moron") I said 8-12 or something similar. Well, what does she do (not Amy, the supervisor) she schedules me visits, first day and all week long til 1 or 2pm. I'm like what?! So, I went in there and said "so this week when we said half days and that I would work from home in the afternoons?" She tells me "yeah don't worry about working from home, I just made it so you could leave by 2 every day". Um, yeah but that wasn't the plan. GRRRR! So, either I do some rearranging of my schedule myself, or I'll just go in later to shorten up my days.

Anyway, there were a few tears, mine, not Kian's. Go figure. I guess it's because I've only left him here with Elissa mostly, Kevin's mom once or twice, but always here at our house. It's way different leaving him AT a place. I brought him in, and he stood kind of clinging to me, hugged him. Then we got him interested in some toys. I stood up to leave and said goodbye, but he was too busy with the toy to turn around! Stinker! So, I had to leave before I felt any worse. I did call a few hours into the day. They said he was doing fine, but of course being so nosy that he didn't want to sleep. I didn't figure he'd sleep much there this week, while he gets used to it all. Then I had to call and tell them I'd be later than expected (thanks to my late visit scheduled by my boss, on my very first day, grr) and they told me he hadn't even taken his bottle. I was worried because I only brought one and I was going to be late. He totally refused it all day, 5 hours. He's used to bottles, not often, but here and there. Not cool. Of course they said he chowed his lunch down, well yeah, he was hungry! So, today I will have to see if he'd prefer to have his milk in his sippy cup instead? Fun, fun, fun.

Overall, it wasn't horrible, but I wish a certain supervisor had listened and remembered when we agreed to my half days. Even her supervisor agreed to it. Grr. It's not so easy getting up, getting me ready, eating, getting bags ready, getting Kian ready, getting everything in the car and out the door. Sheesh! I'll have a report on the full week on Friday.

**On a "sad" sidenote: My photoshop CS3 trial program has ended. Which means I don't have the wonderful editing program any longer, I can no longer make my pictures more beautiful. Since I do not have the several hundred dollars the program costs I will be going back to Microsoft picture it and Photoshop 7.0....sigh.

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