Saturday Morning Post

Well let's see this week flew by. I didn't even have to work that much, which was nice. The weather is finally warming up for good and the sunshine is wonderful!
Sunday we grilled out with Kevin's parents and Paul and Elissa. Wasn't quite as warm as we'd hoped but it was alright.

Monday we went to the "lil ol' parade" in Rushville. Talk about the past. Although I think they can improve upon the parade route and lineup. Seriously, why do you put all the marchers first, then all the trucks at the end? Wouldn't you want to mix that up a bit? You'd think anyway.. Then we grilled out with my parents and brother, that was a warm day!

Tuesday was back to work day, rather annoying after the long weekend. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. My week has been jam packed with visits and meetings, and the end of the month means all those records have to be turned in to be reviewed by the supervisor. Which means typing a lot of notes, printing them and signing each and every one--that's the worst part.

Wednesday and Thursday were much the same. Except that Thursday I had to stop at BJ's for gas (3.97-still under $4!) and diapers. And let me tell you there were some long lines for that gas! Just as I was leaving there, the daycare called to tell me Kian had a fever and a "blowout". (That's daycare code for major diarrhea causing change of outfits) He seemed pretty tired and low-key. I took him home and he didn't want to eat much. He seemed to get warmed throughout the night. Tylenol helped a bit. He didn't eat much. Of course we didn't sleep barely at all Thursday night into Friday. He wanted to lay on me but didn't want to be touched at all. We did the tylenol thing here and there but I wantd to see if it'd break on its own.

Friday I stayed home with him but had to bring some files in the office and pick up some because I had to do a meeting at Brockport school for my two clients. My sister came up so between her and Kevin and Travis they stayed with Kian while I went to those meetings. He slept a lot anyway, so we had pizza and a movie with Travis and Kourt.

That brings us to Saturday, today. Got a bit more sleep last night but not a lot. Finally this morning he had 103 temp-under the arm. So I called the nurse at the peds office. She said to bring him in. Yes, they are so cool they have Saturday sick-only hours from 8-12. So if your kid gets sick you can bring them in on Saturday, and that's all they see, no other visits, just acute illnesses. So aside from the runny nose and diarrhea being viral most likely, and the thrush recurrence (we just cant get rid of it, me, his mouth, his diaper rash, can't win) he also has a double ear infection. How bad do I feel? He never indicates it's his ears. Oh and his 2 molars on top are almost in, he seems to get whammed with everything at once.

This just solidifies the whole theory about ear infections being more viral induced and able to be passed around to kids by way of other viruses. The kid wasn't sick a day in his life until he started daycare. The doctor said that even if he was home with me until kindergarten he'd just get all kinds of stuff then too, so either way he'd probably pick stuff up. Wonderful. We debated doing the antibiotics for the ear infections, but the doctor preferred to with the fever and his age. Now we just need to aggressively treat this thrush/yeast diaper rash combo we keep getting. which, is odd, because he had it the first time with the ear infection too... hmm? Time to pump up the acidophilus pills!

So now we are out to weed the garden, plant some flowers, weed the veggies, etc. The fun yard work, which I actually enjoy, especially in the sunny weather. Kian will probably be sleeping for at least 2 hours. He made it through wegmans (in his car seat which I haven't taken out of the car in 3 months) half unconscious to the rest of the world...poor kid. Maybe I should bubble wrap him and put a bleach field around him when he goes to daycare?

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venus said...

Sickly child. clearly he's the product of sickly parents.