36-40 in 18-24

More Numbers. These numbers however have greater significance. When I receive a client they are typically between 18-24 months old. This is when pediatrician's most often notice a speech delay, which is the majority of my clients, and have them referred for services.

When I receive their file it has a comprehensive evaluation, showing skills and delays in all 5 developmental areas (cognitive, communication, adaptive [self help] physical and social/emotional). It also includes a copy of their medical history and vaccination schedule.

That's where the 36-40 comes in. These children by 24 months of age already have received approximately 40 vaccines. 40! That's like giving them 2 per month since they were born, if they're 24 months old. How crazy is that? It amazes me that people, medical professionals, parents, etc. don't see a problem with that number.

*On a side note I read an article, and I wish I could remember where to post it on here, about a man willing to pay a doctor somewhere around $90,000 to drink the equivalent additives and metals and formaldehyde and other preservatives in vaccines. If a doctor will just drink that same ingredients that are in vaccines he'll give them almost 100,000 dollars! Are you surprised that there's no takers? Me neither.

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