4th of July fun

I had wanted to camp this weekend, but Kevin said it was going to be too busy, noisy, etc. and did not want to camp. So, we didn't really have plans. Finally around 3 o'clock after Kian woke from his nap, we decided to go to my parents' to eat, go on the boat, and watch fireworks on the lake.

This is actually Kian's spaghetti face from the other night. Pictures don't do justice to the orange face and it does not show the amount of noodles on his lap:

Aunt Savannah gave Kian this dog, he's so soft and squishy. Kian loved it right away and sleeps with it every night:

Kian loves to pick strawberries and eat them right off the vine. These are a different type of strawberry that I planted that are very small, but perfect for Kian.

The boat still wasn't working yet when we arrived, so we grilled steak and had our nice picnic, complete with patriotic ice cream cake and brownies of course! By the time we were able to go on the boat it was starting to cool off. Kian decided he needed some sand time before getting on the boat:

Then it was off to Kershaw to watch fireworks. We actually parked at Wegmans and walked behind the store to the little lagoon. There was a little bridge on the water and it was empty so we watched from there.

Here's the thing about fireworks put on by Canandaigua...simply, they're not so great.
There aren't many going off at once and the show is very short.
I found the fireworks setting on my camera. Granted, I just have a point and shoot digital and couldn't manually adjust settings and focus; I just had to click and try to hold very, very still and hope I got something.
Not too bad I'd say.

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9 luftballons said...

ugh camping. who goes camping? probably the same people who have a rabbit.