Saturday Morning Post

A late, very late, Saturday morning post.
I shall go backwards, this time, I think. Instead of starting with Monday and working towards Saturday, I shall start with today and remember backwards, the events that happened over the week. So, here we go.

Today we had Kevin's cousin's college graduation party. All Kevin's dad's side of the family was there, lots of aunts and cousins. More babies on the way. Not too crazy, not too boring. Just dandy. Before that, we stopped to see his grandma at the nursing home. It didn't go so well because Kian, being at the almost-walking stage, and being one, wanted to be in everything. He wanted to rip the little knick-knacks off her shelf, wanted to drink out of her cups, and crawl on the dirty floors, you get the idea. And when he couldn't, became...irritated. So, we cut that visit short. But, I warned Kevin that was going to happen. You can't take a toddler into an 8x8 room with nothing to do and expect him to be happy.

Friday I went to a training/conference with work. It was about diversity. Now, I have to be honest here, whenever we have a "diversity" training at work, it usually means "cultural diversity". And, no malice intended, just honestly, that 'cultural diversity' has always been surrounding the black/white issue. I get so tired of it. Like, why not Jewish diversity trainings, why not Hispanic, or male/female diversity, etc. You know what I mean? But, this was just diversity in general. Between races, genders, supervisors vs. employees, generational gaps, etc. It was interactive, there was movement, there were participation exercises. And it was actually, just plain fun. It was also catered by Dinosaur BBQ, but again they disappointed. I've given up. Sticky Lips is so much better.

Friday night, because it was hot out, or supposed to be, but wasn't really, we went to Gravel Ponds for awhile. We bought a membership to swim, fish, picnic, etc. there. There are a lot of older, retired, permanent campers, so that makes it nice and quiet. But there are some children too. So we ate dinner quick, and went out there for a few hours to swim, fish, walk, etc. Nice to get away from home, chores, nosy people and just relax.

Thursday, this may have been the night we played tennis with Paul and Elissa, but honestly I can't remember! I also had a call from the daycare that morning, and Kian hadn't been feeling well so I expected they wanted to tell me he now had a fever and I would need to get him. Not exactly, what they wanted to tell me was the he fell and hit his cheek, just below the eye, on the corner of a toy shelf and it bruised immediately. He was fine but they wanted me to know ahead of time about the bruise. Wonderful.

Wednesday, I had an interesting day at work. I am supposedly getting "fired" off this case, for who knows what, but still had to facilitate a team meeting at the family's home. That's not awkward or anything. This happens a lot in our job actually. Parents want immediate action, feel every thing about their child is urgent and should have happened yesterday. Mind you, we are talking about speech therapy, physical therapy and such. We don't do any magic, medical miracles or anything here. We, as service coordinators, never know that there is anything wrong, until the parent calls someone else to complain about us. It is highly irritating. Just tell me and I'll fix it. I can't fix what I don't know. But, really, we are usually glad to get rid of those cases anyway.

Tuesday my morning meeting was switched from 9:15 until 9:45. Well, I had 9:15 on the brain and left at that time, which put me 15 minutes early for my meeting. I am not going to show up at a family's house that early. So I sat at Burger King for a bit, watching the movement on Mt. Hope Ave. I had a view of Country Sweet, but I can't recall if it was even open yet. I like to watch people and activity, and not be in the center of it. Must be the psychology major in me. I do recall that Tylere brought me to this place in my first semester of college and being a country girl, was scared of "the city". How silly, Mt. Hope isn't in the "scary" part of the city!

That brings us to Monday. Do I even remember what I did on Monday? Obviously, it wasn't much, or of much importance, since I cannot recall it.

Tomorrow I want to squeeze in: church, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry, packing bags for the week, weeding.... I know, I'm funny. But, I will post pictures from this weekend. And, if you're extra lucky, a silly video I took in the car when Kevin didn't know I was taping him...shh!

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Bill Gray said...

Sat: another wasted weekend.
Fri: Would never have tried Sticky Lips without me. A memebrship to where? waste of money.
Thurs: good.
Wends: I'd a fired you long ago.
Tues: mmm Country Sweet.
Mon: I don't remember either.