I love me a weekend

I love me a long weekend.

This last week, even month, has been difficult for me. It's been very stressful. There is a lot going on at work. Let's just say with transitioning kids out of our program into the preschool programs, with numerous staff changes, auditing and evaluations from accreditation's, and who knows what else, it's been ridiculously busy, hard and stressful. Then, I add in the daycare drama, trying to find family time, extended family time, friend time, me time. Don't forget Kourt's surgery yesterday. All I'll say is that my veggie garden? Yeah, it's a weed garden. Flowers? good thing they sustain themselves around here.

It's just one thing after another. But, the end is in sight. With the end of the month comes the end of the crazy rush at work, allowing me to have a breather for a few weeks. I worked my butt off at my job this month, especially this week. I turned in what needed to be, I made sure everything was up to date, so that when I come in on Monday Tuesday I can start fresh for the new month. That's a good feeling.

Things don't really slow down at home, but that's okay. It's what I signed on for. Kevin and I have been feeling the affects of not having much alone time thought. Okay, honestly, I don't think we've been out alone (except to his employee Christmas Party) since before Kian was born. *gasp!* So, we are making plans to do somethings, just us. Especially since our 5th anniversary is coming up soon! (Five year already! I can't believe it!)

I've just been feeling very cranky, stressed and annoyed this last week. I was in the blackhole, feeling that nothing is getting done and not knowing where to start. I wasn't too nice to everyone. I know it's due to the pressure at work and the feeling that I can't keep up. But, I made it. Things did get done. Daycare was figured out. It's Saturday. It's the weekend. It's a long weekend! I can relax. I can regroup and focus and start this month fresh. I love it. I can pick up the house, make my grocery list. I can make some relaxing plans for this weekend. I can start to think of the fun events coming up (baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries). I can sit outside and enjoy the warm weather one more time before Fall hits. (I love Fall!)

I love me a weekend!

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