Saturday Morning Post

It's raining...again. Surprised? No. The last 3 weeks it has rained more than I remember in several summers. I don't mind rain in the evenings and every so often, as this gives me a good excuse to stay inside and clean thoroughly. Kian wants to go out, rain or not. Which we do, even if it is on the deck for a few minutes to feel the rain, or into the garage to ride in his Little Tykes car. He loves that thing.

What is a surprise is that I am not at Wegmans grocery shopping. Why you ask? Because my sleep-deprived child woke up at 7:30 and was ready for a nap at 9 am after a shower and breakfast. Since he's moved into Infant 2 room (12-18 months) last week, he's not been taking very good naps. Which, I expected. It took him quite a while to get a rhythm with his previous teacher and finally took 2-2.5 hour naps. (Which still isn't enough for him, as he takes 2 naps on weekends, or a one 3.5 hour mid-day nap.) The problem is, that when we get home from work/daycare he is exhausted. If Kevin brings him home early he will put him down for a nap. When I pick Kian up I get home around 4:30 and it's very hard for me to decide if I should let him sleep for a bit or not. Lately, I have been putting him down for 45 minutes while I make dinner. Then we will wake him up to eat around 5:30 and he'll still be ready for bed and fall asleep by 8 o'clock at the latest. I think, soon, he should fall into a more comfortable rhythm in his new class and take longer naps (longer than the 45 minutes to 1 hour he's been taking).

So, here I sit, half cleaning, half blogging, making a grocery list in my head, biding my time to go to Wegmans. I am so in love with that store. Kevin's friend is up from NC this week and he was telling us the *horrors* of Kroger, Harris Teeter and random other grocery stores available to him in Durham. I am so sorry for him. (lol) My apologies to all southern state citizens; I wish you Wegmans, and will not mock your stores any longer. (PS it's rumored that Wegmans has some land plots in the making in's coming!)

Work-wise, it's been an eventful and stressful week. We are *welcoming* 2 new employees Monday. That is always very stressful and very busy for the seasoned staff. We have so much to do and to add that is a bit hard, especially this time of the month when we are closing so many kids from our EI summer services to preschool services. (It is in my blog brain plans to do some EI related posts so that everyone has a glimmer of understanding of what I speak of). Then, of course, The Diva (aka Megan) informed us she is leaving us to do the same job at another (competition?) agency! Fear ran rampant in the hallway Friday as we all hid behind closed doors and under desks, while Megan informed our supervisor..and Amy. Thankfully, she just went home and we were able to avoid the wrath of an angry supervisor. Whew!

On a side-note. I always get irritated when I read blogs and people use other descriptors instead of their child/husband/whoever names. I understand you want privacy, which I think for me, means not posting last names, social security numbers, addresses, etc. But, I can't keep it straight when people call their kids T12, B7 (first initial and age) um, your child's age will change which means next year it will be T13 and B8, which I just can't figure out. Or, many use descriptor names such as "smiley", "Mr. athlete", "lego king", etc. I think this is because I am visual and I need faces matched with names. However, at work, I have absolutely no problem giving the girls nicknames. Mostly, because there are 2 Megans, but also because there are very distinct personalities (which I know, is the same reason for blog nicknames, but more confusing!). So, there's The Diva, Scrapper, Queen, The Girl-next-door, Martha Stewart (yeah that's me), and the boss has several nicknames, but besides "evil one" I can't tell you what the girls say.

Since, Jon was so nice and gave Kian/us a Zoo membership for Kian's birthday, I wanted to use it today. We will have to see if the sun stays out and the clouds stay away. He might be a tad young, or it might be a bit of a pain because he's not walking yet, but he will love it. He loves animals and loves pointing to everything. He loves dogs lately, shrieks when he sees one, and pants. It's hilarious. Rocky is extremely patient with him, letting him slap, pet and pull fur. Thank you Rocky.

Our week, was busy as usual, but not overly exciting. There were brakes to replace on Kevin's Blazer, gas tanks to fill with cheaper gas (yay for BJ's and price drops!) company to have, etc. My dad informed me last night he got me a free package of the new Wegmans diapers, the new and improved ones, score! (Sadly, with daycare now, I haven't used cloth barely at all, save for a few around the house here and there.) And my mom bought a G6, the same car I so miserably gave up a few months ago. Sigh. My sister is looking at more surgery in August, not good for her. Hmm, I believe that's all the news I found out recently.

Here's to a sunny, peaceful weekend!

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