I've been busy. I'm tired. There are a billion things going on in the next week and a half. So, here's my half-hearted attempt at a post. It's boring. It's random point&shoot pictures from a massive bonfire on Saturday. It was fun, fire was huge, considering we threw a Christmas tree, 2 doors, plywood sheets, lattice, set of deck stairs, and who knows what else on it. It burned all night long, and smoked for 12 more hours until I made Kevin hose it down because I was tired of the neighborhood smelling like a campground. Maybe later this week I'll finish up my EI posts, blog about something interesting (like that will happen) and discuss my daycare issues and changes. IF work lets me. It's crazy out there man!

Jocelyn and Kourtney

Elissa with Grant, Paul, Josh and Kristin

Meghan, Kevin, Amy & Mark

Joe relaxing by the fire.

*To be fair, none of then had any clue I was actually taking their picture. And yes, the "night" setting didn't do squat for helping my pictures. Whatever man. Like I said, I'm tired.

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