Saturday Morning Post

So..I haven't done one of these lately. It's been a busy week, a busy August and this month is promising to be just as busy-if not busier. All I know is that October looks calm so far and it had better stay that way!

Work-oh work. Where do I start? We survived the August rush. Barely. Got all our transitioning kids out of our program to where they need to go. Then another employee is quitting. This means since June this will be the 5th person to leave in our department. We went from 8 to 6 to 7 now we'll be at 5, and hiring 2 new ones hopefully soon. My boss promised we'd have some reprieve from the craziness. She lied. We are back up to 60 cases each. That is the state limit, or else we know she'd be giving us a lot more. And they are horrible cases. Either it's just a really crappy case due to the client or it's crappy because the previous coordinator didn't do their job and it's a mess with a lot of work needing to be done on it. Either way, it's bad. So, we're all highly stressed with all of us not even bothering to hide that we are always keeping our eyes open for new jobs.
Plus the county and state continue to change everything. Every regulation, every policy, every wording, every form, it doesn't matter what it is, they just want to change it all. This means a lot more work for us. Always. I'm kind of over this job. The only good thing that has come of it recently is that I was informed when I started back in April they put me at the base salary and not as someone who had experience so I am going to be making $1,200 more per year. That's good. It's now a ton, it is only $50 per pay period/paycheck, but it's more. Plus I am owed about $500 from April to now that needs to be given to me very soon. This will help towards Christmas, I hope.

Kian-the week started out a bit rough as he realized this was the new daycare he would be going to each day. I still feel a bit guilty but I feel good about Pearce. I felt that twinge today as we drove down the road past his old daycare doing errands this morning and he was watching out the window. I watched him to see his reaction as we drove by the old building. He recognized the road and the center and he kind of went "ooh oh". I think it's more that he knew the kids and was beginning to play with them, wave hi/bye to them and I just kind of pulled him out of that right into a new place. What has helped him adjust quickly is that there is the same teacher and assistant every day. Miss Angela and Miss Kelly are there from 7-3 every day. They greet him, play on the floor with the kids, make sure he's settled to have a good day when I leave. Then from 3-6 Miss Danielle and Miss Emily (Roberts students) are there. They are super fun and have lots of energy and love to sing. Tues and Wed he cried a bit when I dropped him off. I watched in the window Wed and he stopped crying after 5 seconds. Thursday and Friday I hugged him and he was off and playing. That was it. That makes me feel so good. It's definitely a happier, brighter, calmer place with a fun energy.
He is so enjoyable and so fun right now. People always say this is the age that's so great and it's so fun and I was always thinking "well I think newborns are great too, 6 month olds are fun..." But, now I get it. I still do love that newborn, sleepy, cuddly stage. But he's so interactive right now and loves to make us laugh. Kian is adding at least one new word every day, if not more. At least 10 words per week. I can't even keep track anymore. I used to know he has 5 words, now 10, about 20. Granted juice, shoes and cheese all sound very similar, so that mostly I can tell them apart and no one else can. He says cheese for the camera now and I didn't teach them to him. He's just so cute and it's horrible when every store I go in they tell me that I really just want to say "I know, isn't he?!" I don't, I just say thanks.
He is also independent and wants to do a lot for himself. He refuses to learn to go down the stairs on his butt or crawling backwards down them. He sees us walk up/down them and that's how he's going to do it. He'll ask for my hand for help but walking is the only way up and down stairs. He's so smart (I think) that he watches us doing something and will then go over and do it just the way we do. He's figured out so many toys, games, equipment, whatever it may be by watching us once and then just doing it.

Kevin-also super busy. Work is going alright. Working at a gym has it's ups and downs, and not just on the bench press. hehe. I don't make good jokes. His clientele and numbers wane at certain times of the year: back to school time, end of spring, etc. He has good, full days in the summer when all the college and school kids have off and want to bulk up or get in shape for certain sports; around or after the holidays-people wanting to get rid of those Christmas cookie pounds or for their New Year's resolutions. Now is not as full but he's picking up more weekly. He is still consistently training Mayor Duffy. That's a huge plus for him to have on his resume. He says "Bob" is nice, normal and funny guy. One time he trained a woman who was the daughter of the Zweigles empire, I mean owner.
Yesterday was Kevin's 28th birthday. If I was a really wonderful wife I would have dedicated an entire post to him yesterday n'est ce pas? He wanted to go to Rohrbach's for dinner, and he didn't even have the local beer. What's wrong with that boy? I got him Yankees tickets. How good am I? It's a birthday/anniversary gift. The anniversary part (for me too!) is the hotel in Toronto, where the game will be played. This means we'll leave the 25th for the game, then spend the night, hang out the 26th in Toronto (Eaton Centre mall-6 floors baby!) before coming home. This will also be the first time I leave my baby anywhere besides daycare or with a grandma for a couple hours. Eek. Kourtney will be staying over here to watch him. I didn't want him going anywhere without us the first time I leave him overnight. Yes, I'm a paranoid mother. Oh well. Anyways, Kevin got some other good gifts, that I just can't recall right now.

Random-we are always on the lookout for a house with more land. We both feel the need for more space, more trees and perhaps bigger bedrooms! Not that we're planning on moving anytime soon-unless the right one comes along-but we like to peruse the ads/websites to see what is available in our area, or another area. We recently looked at a huge old farmhouse with 5 acres and kind of love it, but it needs work, we still talk about it. Not sure if anything will come of that.
It's supposed to rain a lot this week too. Which is a bummer. My yard needs a little help, and I wanted to find garage sales to go to, but neither is looking promising. Maybe next weekend? We shall see. Hopefully all my family in FL and Texas made it through Ike alright! I'll have to check! Eek.

Have a great weekend!

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