Zoo pictures!

Thanks to Jon, we now have a Zoo Membership! Yay! We took Kian for the first time last Saturday. He loved it. I wasn't sure if he was too young, but he did so well, walked a bit, sat in the stroller awhile and got so excited about all the animals. (wishing I had brought the video cam!)

We *heart* meerkats! She's even posing for us.

Trying to pet the meerkat through the glass-

Eagle-1 of the 3 there

The real polar bears were inside due to the heat. We caught a glimpse of one on the way out. And the next day he died! So sad!

Howler Monkey?

No, baboon. He looked at me when I snorted at him.

Trying to dive in the elephant exhibit.

Not thinking I was going to be in the picture.

It was nice, they are adding on to the zoo with more exhibits. The elephants have a bit more room then before. But, really, it's not a lot of room for any of the animals and it makes me sad. Kian enjoyed pointing at all the animals he saw and we will definitely make good use of that membership this year!


american mum said...

Where are the animal sex pictures?! :)

Allisan said...

Look like Kian had fun!! The zoo is so much fun!

Batman said...

looks like a terrible trip. Oh wait, it was.