My weird, wacky day

So...this is when working in the city gets weird, not quite dangerous, but always making you wonder.

The day starts well, I'm actually on time for work. I do some paperwork in my office before leaving again for a meeting with a family. I return to my office after this meeting. Just as I try to pull into the parking lot there's a women stumbling(?) down the road. Hmm. "Is she drunk, does she have a limp/impairment, what?" I'm think. She stops in the entry of the parking lot, turns around and notices I am waiting to pull in the lot. She slurs "come on in" (did she hiccup or was that my imagination?) and starts to walk out of my way. She stumbles and misses the curb and falls down in the middle of the lane. Wonderful.

My car is in the middle of the road. But, I stay there because now I am protecting her from being hit by cars. I roll down my window and say "are you okay?". She's mumbling incoherently and trying to get up, but can't seem to. A coworker is watching this whole thing and asks if the woman is drunk. To which I reply, "she seems pretty intoxicated". She calls the police to let them know about the drunk woman stumbling down the road. I pull into the parking spot to get out of the road. By this time the woman has gets up and resumes wobbling down the city streets.

On the way to the door I meet a (cute!) cable guy and the building maintenance man. The cable guy says they witnessed the entire event. He wants to make sure the woman isn't saying I hit her. He says she might try to pull a scam. The maintenance guy says he also saw her stumbling down the sidewalk.


I make my way the half block to the entrance to my office. Parked in the street next to the door is this little, red, pimped out car. There is music blasting from inside, with the driver's door open. A small, thin, dark man with a fedora, is dancing in the open door. He's swaying slowly with his arms in the air. I glance at him quickly. He caught me. He smiles big and says "May I have this dance ma'am." Something between a giggle and a gasp escapes my throat, I can only shake my head. I open the door and walk into the building. The pharmacist had been watching the whole thing. He looks at me and says "welcome to the city".


Big sigh.

Mind you, it's only 10:20 am.

On a Thursday.

Welcome to Rochester, indeed.

*PS-This morning, Friday morning, I pulled into my spot in the parking lot and 2 rows ahead of me is the fenced in AC unit. There is a (homeless?) man urinating into the fence. What?. Christmas list: mace, knife, taser.*

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I know that broad.