Why did I let everyone else convince me that cutting this:

these gorgeous curls,

was a good idea?

Who let me near those scissors? And let it look like this?

From this moment on, I vow not to cut this baby's beautiful hair until his 2nd birthday.

Okay, maybe that's an extreme. But, each time I "trim" his hair it ends up being way more than that; I get so upset and wish I had just left it alone. I fall prey to the comments and short hair-lovers, peer pressure sets in and next thing you know, I'm chopping at it. Then I feel sick looking at those curls in the basket. Never again! The boy's got gorgeous hair, and I should just leave it. Unless I wet it and put some curl cream in it, when it's that short, it just looks like helmet head.

And as you can see, he loves Connect Four. He and Kevin play a "game" by taking turns with the colors. Kevin lets him win I think, but Kian could be that smart. It also entertains him for a good half hour by himself. He puts them all in, pushes the slide mechanism on the bottom to let them drop out, locks it back in place and puts them in all over again. I just like that it works his fine motor and cognitive skills. =) Happy Monday!

PS. We've been talking about getting a wood pellet or coal stove instead of this crappy wood stove. Any experience or thoughts?


Rosie : ) said...

Our friends are getting a pellet stove to replace their oil tank machine warm -up thingy. They burn oil to warm up the house, and she hates the smell. Apparently, pellet stoves are clean and don't smell, plus they are very efficient in cost. Her hubby is a research fanatic when it comes to spending money on huge items, so I trust his regard on this matter. You should google it and see what comes up?

Anonymous said...

he is beautiful no matter what----but boys should look manly??

Jess said...

Your kiddo is cute no matter what....curls or no curls. And...if he is ANYTHING like his mother, he will probably have those curls for quite a while so...no need to worry.

Also, my aunt and uncle have a pellet stove, and they love it. it gives off alot of heat, and it doesn't smell or anything. i know that they stock up on bags of pellets every year, but i don't think it would cost you guys that much money because you're almost never home anyway. haha.

Pellet Basket said...

Love the curls! Have you ever heard of a pellet basket? A pellet basket can fit inside your existing wood stove and burn wood pellets without spending a fortune on a pellet stove! Go to www.burnwoodpellets.com. You can even custom order a size basket to fit your stove!!