Friday we went to build-a-bear at Eastview with mom, Kenny and Kiara. Pause-I haven't been to Eastview in a few years-holy moly it's huge and confusing now! I used to know it like the back of my hand. Eek.
So, Kian was completely overwhelmed with this whole idea. He couldn't decide on anything. He kept saying he wanted a bear, but he has a billion at home, so we made him choose between a lamb, a bunny and a dog. He picked the dog. He helped fill it, and put a nice, noisy dog sound in it's foot.
Picking out the dog's heart:

Here is the completed dog- "daddy dog". We asked him which one he wanted to take home to daddy. Then my mom said it looked like Kevin in it's wife-beater tank and boxers. So, it was 'daddy dog' from then on.

What would a trip to the mall be without a carousel ride?

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