Spring arrived!

Warm weather has arrived. Friday was 86 degrees, at dinner time still!, so it was a complete shock to the system. I don't know how I'll handle this being pregnant all summer thing once the humidity kicks in. Yuck! The weekend was perfect, breezy, sunny, hot. Sunday was cooler, but that just meant I got more done inside.

Here's what I did this weekend. I crocheted my first baby hat. Whew! It's not perfect, but I actually finished it!

Here's what Kevin did:

Yes, that's right. He decided he'd had enough of the randomly placed cement/concrete slab outside our front door, and began whacking it with a sledgehammer. Then, realized he needed to rent a jackhammer. Then realized it was a ridiculous amount of work. It's still only halfway completed. The morons who put the slab there (it serves no purpose, it wasn't level, it doesn't go under the house, who knows why it's there) poured it a foot deep instead of the normal 4-6 inches. Fun times I tell ya!

Here's why I love my Nikon. Because, although it's only a dandelion, it's perfect. The colors that come out of that camera are amazing. I didn't touch this photo at all! All I did was re-size it. I actually hit the auto levels fix button and it turned it a weird blue/green with very pale yellow. I immediately undid it and left it as it came, from nature to my camera to you haha.

Here I screwed up and did mess with the color and it's a very blue-green blah. But, the sun was shining right on this plant. This plant? Oh yeah, it's my strawberry row. And see that white flower? Baby strawberry baby!

Randomly sitting on benches in the back yard

What have we here? Oh, that's just my peach tree with leaves and baby peach buds!

Lilacs are just busting through!

And a trip down the slide before bed:

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