"Not me" Mondays

I've been following McMama's blog and her journey with baby Stellan and many small children. She makes me laugh, she's real and honest about motherhood. So, this time I decided to join in her "Not me Mondays". Check out the other many participants on her site!

I did NOT spray shine spray in Kian's hair just because asked me too yesterday. It did NOT make it look matted and dirty.

I did NOT purposely not take a shower Friday morning before work because I knew it was "clean-up day" at work.

I did NOT leave the washer lid open, did not forget to close it so that it never started the wash cycle.

I did NOT get mad at Kevin for getting rocks all over my house, and in the dryer from his jeans.

I did NOT have a meltdown going to bed last night because of the stress of work.

I did NOT just get unexpectedly changed from a salaried employee to a measly hourly employee. And it did NOT make me fuming mad, get a headache or want to quit over it.

I did NOT spend over an hour vacuuming and washing the inside of my van and Kian's car seat, and then leave the outside dirty.

I did NOT make a huge bowl of Grandma's famous potato salad (NOT a whole 5 lb bag of potatoes worth!) and eat it all by myself all weekend long, and I am NOT still eating it.

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i don't get it.