The short and long of it

This week is shorter, 4 work days instead of 5. but, really, it's just as long with just as much work to be done in less time. Such is life.

Life is keeping us busy, Kian will be 2 in a few weeks (what? 2? where did the time go?!) we're planning a small get together for his birthday, working on the baby's room, redoing landscaping and gardening, and then just life in general.

I have 2 appointments this week for prenatal and ultrasound and will follow up with a blog about all that news and updates and things going on.

Lots of other changes going on around me at work, with family, and it's overwhelming at times, and a lot to swallow and adjust to. I'm not enjoying it at all, but figure I just need to wade through it for a little bit longer. This is the new normal, I suppose.

I'm feeling a bit of guilt during this pregnancy about things I've let slide or have been too tired, too stressed to think about or do anything about. It all started off on the wrong foot with that unknowing glass of wine, carbon monoxide almost-poisoning, that little bit of tuna I have here and there, the few hot dogs I've had. Nothing like AMA to make you feel loads of guilt. But, then I think about how 30 years ago there was lots of smoking, drinking, no car seats, and apparently our parents survived to bring us here. I think we're alright.

So, I'm counting down the weeks and days until maternity leave starts (last day: September 4th...but I think earlier is more likely) and I can subtract the stress of work, daycare, related costs and getting out of the house by 7:30 every morning out of the equation. Sleepless nights are nothing compared to trying to be up, dressed and out the door with fresh faces and lunches, with a toddler who isn't keen on the idea of leaving. And I can handle that.


Kristin said...

What's wrong with tuna and hot dogs? Haha, it is ok, I even eat lunch meat about 3 days a week.

Oh, and I just sat down and ate a full pint of Ben & Jerry's. I have my diabetes test tomorrow, so I wanted to make the most of today just in case :)

Anonymous said...

you know they always give the worst case sceneario.
he's probably perfect.
have the amnio and go from there.
I know you both can handle anything.