The kid is funny without even trying to be funny.

We went swimming at Jon's pool over the weekend and had just gotten out. We were sitting in the deck chairs, Kian was eating some goldfish and Jon and Kevin were talking to each other. They didn't hear him as he's sitting there eating goldfish, in his swimmie diaper and shorts say:

"I'm peeing. I peed. I'm full of pee."

Oh my gosh I was dying. He just stated it so matter-of-factly, letting me know what was happening. He is quite the commentator these days.

Then, while putting him to bed Sunday night (early due to no nap because my mom and kids came to visit) he likes to talk to 'baby brother'. He shows him books and animals, etc. I said "you can get closer and talk to him because he can hear you". So, he leans over, puts his mouth right on my belly, gets this deep, deep voice and goes:

"Talk to baby brother! I am talking to you baby brother! I talk to you!"

I think it was way funnier in person. I had to demonstrate to Kevin and he was amused. I guess typing it out doesn't have the same affect as a 2 year-old's deep voice with drool on my belly =)

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