Not Me!

Join in MckMama's "Not Me Mondays" by going to her site and linking up. It's a way to NOT admit the things we've (NOT) done =)

*I most certainly did NOT vacuum and steam clean the entire van. And I did NOT notice until I was done that I had it in the rinse cycle the entire time, as in not using the soap. Nope. Who would do that at 9 months pregnant anyways?

*I do NOT let my child run away buck-naked most of the time to facilitate the potty training process. And he has NOT ever pooped on the floor. (But, he only had 2 accidents this week! He just waits to go poopy in the diaper, whatever.)

*I did NOT lift a huge box of heavy paper at work, that did NOT weigh about 50 lbs, and I of course did NOT pull a muscle in my groin.

I did NOT throw the remote at my husband's leg when I did NOT get mad at him for watching TV instead of playing with Kian. Nope, not me!

I have NOT spent a jillion dollars at Wegmans and Target the last 2 weeks because I am NOT nesting and NOT preparing for this baby, like my life depended on it, like everyone will starve and be filthy because of me if I don't. Nope, not me!

*I did NOT find and vacuum up the most disgusting cat fur ball from under my bed and dressers. It was NOT the size of a cantaloupe when I put it all together. I wouldn't let that happen in my room, not me!

*I am NOT already researching, planning and trying to book a week's vacation camping in the Adirondacks for next summer, nope, not me!

Now, what have you NOT done?

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