The baby who wanted to prove everyone wrong...

Yes, I double and triple-cross my updates and blogs so that everyone has probably heard of or read the same thing too many times. Too bad for you!

You're all aware that Karter Ryan made his arrival Thursday night 9/3 (on his uncle's birthday, and also sharing a birthday with our friends' new little girl). And you all have read about or heard about all the testing and concerns surrounding this boy. He was diagnosed in utero with a 2 vessel cord (single umbilical artery) and an echogenic heart focus. The focus resolved itself in the third trimester, as seems to be common. The 2 vessel cord continued to be monitored, especially for fetal growth, throughout the pregnancy.

Karter also liked to be a stinker, a stubborn little fellow and throw us all for a loop by every few weeks refusing to budge or hardly move for a few days. This would call for lots more testing, ultrasounds, biophysical profiles and non-stress tests. He'd fail one, pass the next one immediately with flying colors, and so on. I guess he doesn't like to be predictable.

One week ago, I was 3cm dilated and having random contractions. I told Kevin that I wanted a natural birth, not induced and that I didn't want to get to the hospital until I was 6 cm. God was listening I guess. Thursday morning I went in for my regular prenatal visit, after 3 tests in the last week. Some were good, some were not so good. We had been seen by 4 doctors that week and they were all not happy with his results and with me for declining an induction on August 28th. At this Thursday's appointment I was 5 cm and they were adamant about getting this baby out very soon. They were worried about his growth, movement, his failing tests, etc. Said that the cord and placenta might be compromised, etc.

Against my previous wishes, I agreed to come in for them to break my water and see if I went into labor on my own. They agreed to no pitocin yet and to monitor the baby, but that I could be free to move around and not hooked up to an IV. This was my biggest concern from last time with the pitocin-induced labor and all the monitoring, I couldn't move and labor how I needed to. I went home, made the calls, made sure we were all packed, made arrangements for Kian, etc. Kevin and I went into Strong just before 5, got a room at 5 pm. By the time all the paperwork and admissions stuff was completed it was nearly 6 pm. My mother, we all know how late she is, was supposed to be there by then.

At 6 o'clock my doctor broke my water, I was already 6-7 cm--see, God was listening to my wishes =) We monitored for a few minutes and then they let me get up and do what I wanted to do. Contractions started immediately, coming every few minutes and getting more intense each time. I asked to get in the tub to hep with the back labor. Kevin did come counter-pressure on my back through about 3 contractions. Then as they were getting more intense I asked the nurse to do the sterile water injections in my back. It took them awhile to come do that and my OB did it with her. Last time it totally made my back labor pain go away. This time, not so much. I was getting shaky and my OB said I was in transition and I must be close to 10 cm. My mom arrived just before this, almost missing the entire thing. You think that would teach her to be on time...

I thought I had to pee, but when I stood up and then sat down I felt lots of pressure. They rushed me right over to the bed and we started pushing. Last time, I was so tired and confused I just did what they told me, when they told me, without feeling it in my body. This time I was so aware of everything, felt every single pain and sensation I kind of hesitated pushing until they told me he was right there and it would only stop hurting after i pushed. =) So, I did and it was painful, but pretty quick. He was out and cried and peed immediately. Of course, such a boy. I asked my doctor how long did I actually push, she said "oh about 5 minutes". And the entire length of labor, less than an hour and a half. Wow.

She said he was much bigger than the 6lbs 10 oz ultrasound just claimed. She was right. They took him right over for a check up because he did indeed have the 2 vessel cord, but it did not stop his growth as they predicted, at 8 lbs 4 oz! And obviously, the cord didn't affect his kidneys or bladder as he peed immediately. I asked them if they thought he had Down Syndrome like they said was a possibility and they said no, no signs of that. His heart was perfect as well. All the testing and concerns they had and caused me to worry about, he is perfectly fine. The ped came in and said he was 'absolutely perfect, not one single worry'. We like her. He started and continues nursing like a champ. Hasn't stopped pooping since he was born. The nurse came to give him his first bath and while she was drying him off he pooped on her and the blankets, so she had to wash some more. I've changed 5 diapers right in a row, minutes apart today because he pooped as soon as I put a new one on! I guess that means all his systems are working just fine and he's eating great.

I always felt everything was fine with Karter, but I know the medical professionals err on the side of caution. They caused me a lot of worry too, but needlessly. He's continued his pattern of sleeping most of the day and wanting to be awake and eat and look around in the middle of the night, just as in utero. Which is why I suggested they come do their Biophyisicals and their non-stress tests at 4 am at my house to prove he was fine...they declined. Hopefully, he will switch his days and nights, but we're just happy he's perfect. Well, and that the bruising is going away. He came out so fast his head didn't even change shape and his face looked like he'd just met Muhammad Ali. They said all the bruising would mean jaundice. But, of course, Mr. Opposite, contradicted them with perfect bilirubin numbers. I think he's going to be trouble someday...

So, we got to go home at 24 hours instead of having to stay another night. Poor Kian couldn't take it that we were there and not home and he just wanted us all home. Luckily he's so in love with "baby brother Karter" and everything is going great. I feel awesome. I felt so horrible after Kian's birth, I couldn't do anything and was shaky all the time, felt like I had also stepped out of the ring with Ali. This time, I feel fantastic. Drug-free, fast, natural childbirth, using what I needed to deal with the pain helped so much. I'm tired from not getting much sleep, but not needing any pain meds, not feeling any pain. I don't mean to rub it in, but I'm amazed by the difference in the two births. I even vacuumed the floor today and put all Karter's new stuff away. So we are all doing awesome! Thanks to everyone for the thoughts, prayers and well wishes!


Allisan said...

Way to go! Sounds like everything went perfect!!
I felt great after Chloe was born too. The nurses kept asking me if I wanted/ needed any pain meds. I was like no, if I could handle no pain meds while giving birth I don't need any now either. Lol.

Congratulations. I wish we lived closer:(

Kirsten said...

Congratulations to you and Kevin and to Big Brother Kian!!

I had a similar Second Delivery Trumps First experience. The difference is truly amazing when you are fully aware and an active part of it all.

Glad to hear that all is well with your not so little blue bundle of naughtiness!

Anonymous said...

beautiful child!!