Turkey Talk III

Today I will be spending the entire day with my grandmother, sisters, cousin and we will be biiiizzzaaay! I'm talking busy. There will be lots of chopping, dicing, slicing, stirring, mixing, mashing, stuffing, dressing, and whatever else-ing you can think of, we'll be doing it. My hands will smell like garlic for 4 weeks and it will pour from my pores for days and I will love it. I will create 6 amazing pumpkin pies, 2 apple, 6 chocolate and 1 mince meat. I will chop enough celery and onions for 6 pans of stuffing. I will be in love.

I have to share the most delish recipe today and it's so easy. It's the Italian part of our American Thanksgiving: Bracciole. (Say brah-zjole) It's my job to make it and it's easy and it's the best thing ever. Start with some thin steaks, we're talking thin! Salt and pepper them. Spread chopped garlic all over (we like lots!) then layer a lot of parsley on top. Roll from the short end to the other side and tie on both sides. Simmer in sauce for about 6 hours. Untie and slice. Heavenly.

And with that folks... I'm off to probably have a salad or a sub before the best eating day ever tomorrow!

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