The un-carving of a pumpkin

Kian and I had all intentions of carving his pumpkin with something cool. When it came to that moment, all decision went out the window. After he and Kevin scooped and scraped the (kind of rotten) seeds out, we asked one final time what he wanted us to carve. "Ace". As in the cat. Hmm, okay. Kevin started drawing an outline of a cat, and decided it was too much work. By that time Kian was already distracted by his paints and so they decided to paint a cat on the side instead. Whatever works baby. Go to town with it.

This is Karter. He's gotten to be a fat little chub lately. He weighs almost 13 lbs. Which is probably about what this pumpkin weighed before we gutted it. Karter's not so sure about this ripped open, extra large squash in front of him. Just wait my dear, next year you'll be all about the gooshy pumpkin seed mess!

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