's Kian-isms again

"Probably I need more grape juice." After noisily slurping done the little I gave him. "No, you may have water now" I told him. "Okay, probably I need water then".

Upon using the toilet and starting to get down, I stopped him and told him to wait because he was dripping. "Yeah, daddy shakes off his pee pee". Classic!

Falling asleep: "Grandpa...was...real." Huh?

"I did not lose my story pridivigiles (privileges) today, right mommy?" Nope, you did not.

"I can't touch them because they are fragile and might break". Exactly.

"We should go to the 'hopstible' and get another baby!" Me: We should? A boy or a girl? "A sister baby!" (I totally agree Kian)

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