Confessions of a dairy free cow: I don't really miss it

So, I have been officially off dairy for 2.5 months now.  Yes, there is the occasional slip up when eating out or like at holidays when everyone else was cooking.  It's hard for me to say no when it's in front of me, so I'd have a few bites here and there.  But, overall cow's milk has been replaced by rice milk (soy was attempted but Karter reacted to that as well, and Kian broke out in a rash all over his face with it) butter by margerine, olive oil, etc. 

It's stretched my cooking creativities to replace things or make them another way.  By and large, most recipes that call for mlik can use water.  If not, then I just try things another way.  It hasn't been too bad.  And it has caused us to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables.  Most processed foods have milk, whey or casein in them to add protein or calories, so it's limited processed foods, which is a good thing!  Gone are the days when I'd chomp on granola bars on the fly, crackers and cheese are out the window (most crackers have whey in them!) I'm much more conscious of what I eat now.  And I thought I was good at it before!  Reading labels and such...

I always made healthier choices, but not it's a necessity.  And, I feel better for it.  Yesterday my mom brought a crackers and cheese plate, and Savannah and Kiara made chocolate truffles with heavy cream...temptation!  I tried the truffles-delish!  And while cleaning up there was 2 lonely pieces of cheese left.  I should have thrown them out.  But, my impulsiveness overtook me and before I knew it those 2 pieces were in my mouth, after all I haven't had cheese since mid-September.  Bad choice.  Poor Karter's been up all night reflux, rumbly tummy and projectile vomiting across the couch.  And has a little rash.  That's fun.  (Makes me wonder what would happen if I was the kind of mom who ignored the signs of the milk allergy and kept eating/drinking dairy or if I was a formula mom--he'd be the most miserable baby and have tons of problems!)  So, it's just not worth it!  Plus last night after those few dairy things I noticed myself clearing my throat a lot and having some extra mucous in there-haha sorry to share!

Overall, I do not miss it.  I was never a milk drinker, just splashed some in my cereal.  Rice milk takes care of that.  I've figured out lots of ways to make things dairy free.  Casseroles are a bit of a stretch because they all call for cheese or cream soups.  I'm still working on that one!  I did make a spaghetti/chicken/spinach casserole thing using broth.  Not quite the same, but hey, they ate it!  I do not miss milk at all, I don't really miss cheese, ice cream? not so much, there's plenty of great sorbets and fruit pops.  Spinach artichoke dip would put me over the edge if I saw it, but I'll just keep that out of my mind.  Mashed potatoes can be made with plain rice milk and margarine and I don't notice a difference--I'm sure hardcore dairy loves might, but not me. Cheese on tacos and other Mexican foods is replaced with olives and avocado chunks; this gives that fat that cheese used to put on there (but the good fats!) and adds better flavor too.  I haven't really had a craving for any dairy products at all. Kevin is the only one who continues to want cow's milk, but will use margarine and all my other substitutes.  The farther away I get from it, the better I feel.  Sometimes I consider going vegetarian, since we're almost there with our barely eating meat ways.  Shopping and creating these foods is harder task than not eating or not wanting it!  I'm just over dairy I guess.  =)

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