6 month stats

Karter's check up today-went well, except a little crying--from Kian. I had to wake them both up from naps to go, but Karter was happy as could be. He was in love with the fan on the ceiling, showing off his very slow army crawl skills, and his newly acquired "dada" words.

Stats: Height-26.5 inches
Weight-15 lbs 15 oz (but that was diaper and onesie on) But that was more than I thought he weighed!
Head circumference-20 inches.
So he's in the 20th percentiles for weight and head circumference, 40th for height. He's a peanut still. He's grown 1.5 lbs and 1 inch in two months. But, I still can tell he's smaller than Kian because I remember putting certain outfits on Kian right at 6 months when he got them at Christmas, and fitting, but are still big on Karter. Oh well, he's cute just the way he is.

We got the "looks perfect" pass. Even though they suggested some crying it out and whatnot's for his night waking, but I said, it's not as big of a deal as it was. Lately he is sleeping 7-9, eating then sleeping until 2 or 3, so it's fine. I'll deal with it later. If he was up all night and not going right back to sleep, then I'd be more annoyed. But they gotta do their spiel.

We're healthy, happy, looking good, getting more mobile. This morning I put him down and went to do a few things, when I came back he was 4 feet across the room to Kian and his coloring books. I asked Kian "why did you move him, did you put him here?" he says "No, mommy, I didn't, he crawled over". His army crawling is funny, it's slow and he uses his arms to drag the rest of his body and legs, but eventually he gets somewhere. When I put his butt up and knees under him in the right crawling position he laughs hysterically.

He got to go outside for a few minutes Thursday during the nice, 60 degree sunshine. Now, to just get more of that, and dry the yard out, we'd all be happier!

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