Conversations with Kian

Taking a break from the heavy duty...

This morning, Kian burst into the bathroom while I was using it and began washing his hands. He then turns to me and asks "Mommy, do you talk in your sleep?" I said no. He goes on...
"Do you walk in your sleep?"
"Do you jump in your sleep?"
"Do you hop in your sleep?"
"Do you be a little bunny in your sleep?"
At this point, both of us were laughing too hard to say anything else. I have no idea where that came from, but it was a pretty good way to start the morning.

I'm trying hard to love that Kian is a "morning person" (I am too, but not quite so giddy at 6:30 am!) especially when he wakes Karter up in the process. He bounds in our room and once Karter is awake we all sit on my bed for a little bit. He gets right in Karter's face and blabs non-stop. I told him he needed to pause and let Karter take a turn talking. What I got was:
"blablahbh. Karter you're turn." {one second} "blabhlabhalhb".
After reminding him again to be quiet and pause and let Karter talk:
"blabhalbhhbalhbabh. ... I paused mommy. Karter talk!". Hmm, this will need some work.

Last week: "I wish I could chew gum mommy". Now he finds a lot of things he wishes he could do.

Besides making up words, he now sings familiar songs with just one sound. It ends up sounding like this: "dinkle, dinkle, dittle dar, dow I donder dhat dou dar". I guess he'd learning alliteration right?

Being home with him now, especially when Karter's napping has allowed us plenty of "Kian & Mommy time". We both enjoy it. I love this age more than I thought I did/would. His imagination is exploding, the things he comes up with are so smart, so funny, so entertaining. There's so much less "hurry up, do this, come on we gotta leave, time for bed" stuff that was always happening when I was working. He and I had a rough patch there for awhile and I hate to admit I was pushing him away because it was difficult, he was difficult, and Karter was easy. But, it's so much better and he can just be himself and we can really just enjoy each other now. And the way he dresses himself? Quite something! I'll have to get a picture of it, but the other day he put on some multi-colored, striped leg warmers, gray athletic shorts, a long-sleeved blue train shirt and something on his head...thankfully we were just staying home, but I appreciate his creativity. =)

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