Karter's Easter Eating Adventures

I remember 7 months being about that magical time that Kian was really, truly interested in food. I had started the pureed thing, and introduced him to some table foods, but it was around 7 months he really wanted food. Same goes for Karter, even getting mad when he can't have our food.

He's really expressing he wants it, and he wants it now! So, we've been letting him have it, all of it. Sunday my mom came for church and brunch with us. I made a frittata with red peppers and asparagus. I gave Karter the asparagus and red peppers, soft and just right size for him. He was going nuts and wanting more so I told her to go ahead and feed him some more. I turned around and saw the second forkful of eggs going into his mouth. Um...yeah, eggs are supposed to be a no-no until around one year. He loved them, and no reactions luckily. Oops. Maybe that's a guideline new to my generation, not hers?

That afternoon with my dad, Kourt and the kids, he had bites of rosemary-roasted red potatoes, turkey, corn, and for dessert? Carrotcake with pineapples--with the walnuts picked out and a strawberry slice. He was in heaven. Now, when I say he ate them, I mean he probably had a tiny bite or two of each. Most of it was chewing and mashing and sucking on the pieces, probably 1/3 of it actually went down. This is fine, since breastmilk is supposed to be the main staple for the first full year. Monday we went easy on him and gave him some green beans in a jar, he only would/could eat 1/3 of the jar at each sitting. So, that's how I know he's not eating a ton of table foods, but mostly getting the taste, texture and feel of it in his hands and mouth (and hair, neck, shirt, etc.). Precisely what he's supposed to be doing.

I can just say that it's much easier this way. With Kian from 5-7 months I was pureeing organic vegetables, freezing them in single serving sizes, or blending the dinners we had (pot roast & potatoes, etc. ) in my food processor for him, along with pieces of 'adult' food. Forget that, too much work. And the 3 jars I've bought? They're about as soupy as can by, the food runs off the spoon, making Karter have to just drink it basically. So, he's pretty happy about real food, and I'm happy about the ease of it.

People often ask my why Kian is such a great eater, how I got him to eat such a variety and to love vegetables? First, probably because Kevin and I eat a lot of fruits and veggies and 'healthy' things, helps a lot. But my answer is that I never got sucked into that "toddler/kid" food stuff. I didn't buy special toddler meals, I didn't fall prey to the nuggets/mac & cheese, kid-friendly meals. He ate what we ate, it's as simple as that. Don't dumb it down for them, or you're going to have to make "kid meals" until they're 12 and will have very picky adult eaters.

Whatever was for dinner, Kian got some too. Spices, herbs, flavors, all of it. Both my boys suck on lemons and love them. If Kian didn't eat something the first time, no problem, but that means that it's on rotation at our house and he was exposed to it several times. Now, the only things he's not thrilled about are asparagus and green beans, but will eat both in something else. He chooses frozen vegetables as a snack. I just won't play restaurant and make 3 different meals (same goes for Kevin, haha) there's always at least 2 other things on your plate you're going to like, so try the third and if you can't love it now, try again next time. Now I have a boy who's favorite food is broccoli and asks for fruit smoothies and hummus. I'm seeing Karter on the same track already, and am so glad.

How to raise a non-picky eater.

This book:Hungry Monkey: A Food-Loving Father's Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater

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