March: review in Pictures

I just realized that I didn't post one single picture in March. Oops. So, here's a post full of them. I think I was slightly busy getting all my work caught up and going insane...

First we went to the Museum with friends:



Don't judge me. It's sad that the best picture taken of me in years is one I took myself in the museum bathroom while waiting for Kian...sigh. Karter happily sleeping in the Action Baby Carrier.

St. Patrick's Day
tip: don't leave cupcakes on the counter and put bags & coats away, your children will find them and you will find this:

tip 2: taking photos of more than one children requires skills they didn't teach in mom school

Gramps feeding Karter

Peek-a-boo in the wagon, Karter thought it was the greatest thing

He's just winding up for opening day

love this.

toes work in place of thumbs in a pinch

crazy, loud boys

seriously eating an apple

Kian's last day of school, with teachers Ms Trina & Miss Krystal

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