4 hours

Never mind that is about the amount of solid sleep I just got. Or that 4 am was when I awoke this morning...

No, the 4 hours I am talking about is last night, from about 4 pm until 8 pm. What happened then? Karter decided to do several things. The first? He finally decided to do some "real crawling" as in, on his hands and knees, instead of the Army, reach-hop-drag-kick thing he's been doing. Although that got him where he wanted to go just fine, and quite fast actually, I am glad to see him doing it this way.

Shortly after that, I put him in the grass and he used his newly acquired crawling technique to mosie over to the deck steps. He then proceeded to crawl up the steps. Um, yes, very new. Now I have to watch him even more.

Of course that just wasn't enough for my little peanut, oh no. I put him in bed, laid him on his belly, because that's how he likes to sleep, and then I turned around and walked 3 feet to get him a lighter blanket instead of that fleece one already in his crib, because it was warm out. (That was a long, run-0n sentence, oh well.) I turned around, after the 5 seconds it took me to do all that and he was standing in his crib. And attempting to walk along it. Oy vey. Kian did those things all separately, like as in a week or so apart. He did some of those things earlier too, though. But not Karter, he had to wait until just the right moment and then spring them all on me at once. Thanks buddy.

Because bringing home a puppy wasn't enough for the week, and gating the stairs so you didn't crawl over fall down into the family room wasn't quite enough excitement for us this week, right? Ok, just checking. Now I will have to watch you near the stairs going up, and seeing what things you will pull yourself up on. And I will still giggle when you crawl, pause, lift one hand up and wave, then keep going.

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