Karter 8 months

I haven't actually weighed Karter this month, but I know he doesn't really seem much heavier or much longer! I packed away all the 3-6 month clothes out of spite, and because they were winter clothes. Not that it mattered since it snowed Sunday!

We've gone back to all cloth diapers and it's going well. Kian has been reacting to every single disposable diaper on the market, so screw it, we're doing cloth again. That's another post in itself...

Karter's new accomplishments?
Clapping-about 7.5 months. We do patty-cake and he gets so excited at church during the music, one Sunday morning he just started actually clapping.

Attempting to sign more--this weekend. I've been using some signs with him for the last month, but when Kian shared his muffin with him, Karter started doing a clapping type of movement and it clicked with me he was trying to sign "more". So Kian gave him another bite, he did it again. Food, the ultimate motivator.

Pushing to stand--exactly on his 8 month "birthday". Yes, pushing to stand, not pulling to stand. He crawls over to the stairs, or one of us, and pushes up on his elbows, then up to his toes. He's enjoying standing now, he hadn't before. But, he pushes my hands away from holding him. Not going to work kid. He also pushes my hands away from washing his face, shielding his eyes/ears from lights or noises. Crazy kid. Won't keep a hat or a hood on either.

Starting to use mama/dada more directly for us. He also now looks when we name people, pets, things, etc. Kian quizzes him and he looks for the person or object.

Turning pages of books--this past week. Until recently, he just wanted to eat the books. He's now more into reading and likes turning the pages without eating them, finally.

Growling/expressing his displeasure--last few weeks. He literally roars (raaar) to play, but also when he's made he growls, grrs, hmphs. Funniest thing, I don't recall Kian doing that, just protesting and yelling.

Drinking from an open cup--he's been trying this, but has become very good at it, and prefers it over any sippy cup. He just chews those and purposely dumps them on his tray to splash in. Fine with me, much easier finding open cups places and not having to drag around dumb sippy cups, which are terrible for kids speech and jaw development...oh sorry, that wasn't the point of this post.

Top tooth! --Mother's day. It finally, finally popped through. That thing has been sitting there, white visible beneath the gumline for at least a week, making him miserable. I never had to give Kian pain-relievers for teething, but Karter, I did a few times. Sheesh that thing made us all miserable, glad it's through.

He's so very close to "real" hands and knees crawling, gets there and starts then flops back down to froggy dragging crawling. Whatever. He's fast at it. He's been working on his cute little pincer grasp on his peas. Wants to try all food but still doesn't eat a ton.

Last few weeks he's been getting that separation anxiety. Especially when with people he doesn't know, or hasn't seen recently. As witnessed by my sister, when I went out to the car, he freaked. He hadn't seen her in quite a while. Always has to keep an eye on where I am, and often reaches and makes me take him even if he knows the person.
Still has to hold my hair while sucking his thumb. Or his fuzzy blankets when he's in bed.

Loves to be tipped upside down. Kian hated this, so the first time he threw himself backwards I was surprised.

Loves water. If he hears it running he gets all excited and flaps and throws himself around. If Kian's in the bath, he has to get in too, and will bang on the bathtub until I put him in.

Such a silly, cuddly addition to our family...I think he'd make a great big brother and middle child...hehe. Just to convince Kevin of that.... =)

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