Neah, we're not busy.

Let's just say with an almost three year old and an almost 9 month old (he can't be already!) and a 9 week old puppy, all of whom are extremely physical...I'm beat by 8pm most days. Whew!

Finn-pretty good dog, when he's not nipping at our ankles. Gives relevance and definition to the term "ankle-biter", the likes of which I never knew. Sheesh. But, he's a smart dog. He learned sit the first week, lie down this week, and last night in a few minutes I taught him to shake. Yeah, I know shake isn't necessary, especially right now, but I took advantage of an action I saw him doing and rewarded it to continue it. Anyway, it's just another element in our busy day. Thankfully, he's taken to the crate well now and most of the night too.

You would think that the crate improvements would mean extra sleep right? Wrong. Karter's top right tooth finally popped through a few days ago. The other 3 top ones are right behind it, swollen, hurting gums and all. Poor kid. He prefers chomping on real table foods more than ever right now, even opposed to nursing. I give him frozen sweet potato fries, as he won't do ice or popsicles, and that seems to take the edge off. The kid is a maniac lately. At my grandma's this afternoon she worried he'd go up the stairs. I said, "neah, he might pull to stand on the first one". So we continued talking and he was slightly out of view. Kian says "mommy, Karter's upstairs." Yeah....he was 4 or 5 steps up. Oops. =) He insists on walking around holding our hands a lot, something Kian wasn't really interested in for a few more months. He says "ni-ni" all the time now when he's tired. Unlike Kian, who if he fell asleep in the car for a few moments would never go back to sleep once we got home, Karter actually asks to go back to bed! The boy loves sleep and his bed, just like his dad. He will say "ni-ni-ni, ni-ni" over and over when he's tired, rubbing his eyes until i put him in bed. We're officially saying that 'night-night' is his first word.

And Kian...oh the boy. Never still. Neither is his mouth. I never knew I loved three this much. (Yes, I know he's not even three yet.) I always told everyone that I loved babies and wasn't sure about older kids. Maybe I just wasn't sure about other older kids. Actually, ever since having Kian, I've found myself not as eager to inhale everyone else's kids like I used to. People would see me and hand me their baby, others would ask if I wanted "my baby" and just give them to me. Now, I am so in love with my own, I sometimes forget there are others around haha. But, three? Oh, three, I love you. We've turned a corner with behaviors in the last month or so, for the better. His mind, amazing. His imagination, fascinating. His vocabulary, spectacular (sometimes to a fault!). People would tell me, wait until three, ti's the magic age, you can do anything at three. I was like "yeah right". But, yeah, right! Your child is three? Here's the keys to the city. You can now attend so many programs and groups, it will make your eyes bleed. Your child now has the developmental skills mentally and physically for things that will entertain you and can go anywhere and be a great companion. And the things that come out of his mouth-those are the best parts of the day, hearing what he comes up with. Three definitely is the magic age. I am loving it (three weeks premature).

And so, Kevin and I just hang on for the ride with all these active whippersnappers. =) It's a busy house, but it's fun. Tiring, but entertaining. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

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