A visit with Aunt Neenee's puppies...

Puppy kisses

Boys, trucks and puppies; they're in heaven

Kian's puppy, aka "Steve", now known as "Finn". (He's gone through a lot of names-Steve, Echo, Huck, Hucker, Kaga, Finn, etc.)

Puppy nibbles

(I'm sure some mothers are totally cringing that I let a puppy's mouth on my baby's face...eh oh well)

"Steve/Finn" sticks out amongst the rest

The only baby girl, sleeping with Karter

Kian and "his" puppy watching big kids play Wii

More puppy kisses

Who's going to get the ball first?

I think Kevin just agreed last night that Kian could have the puppy. I told him he had to say it with his mouth, or I wouldn't get it. I didn't want the "I never said you could, you just did" line. =)

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