Lil bugaloo's 9 months

Some days seem so long but the months seem fast, and other times the days fly by but the months drag out. I suppose that's just how it is with kids and life. And here I realize Karter's 9 months old. But, i vividly remember this time last year being hot and pregnant and having lots of ultrasounds...

This time around I remembered how fast they grow up, how fast they change, so I've relished it a bit more. I have no intentions of helping Karter do things any faster than expected or "grow up faster". He, on the other hand, has lots of those intentions. He's a little maniac sometimes. Like, yesterday when he started cruising on the couch from me to Kevin, mostly one-handed. Or how he pushes everyone's hands off him, and so I let him go while standing in the middle of the floor and he actually stood there for a good 5 seconds. Oh, Lord. I really didn't want an early walker the second time around. We'll see where this goes. He stands up all the time barely hanging on with one hand, just waving at you with the other.

He loves to wave hi/bye to people. Especially lately since he's having some separation anxiety and doesn't like to away from me or out of my sight much. This is his balance of being friendly but sticking close to mama. I don't mind one bit. I used to let people take Kian all the time, even if I was a bit nervous and I don't regret keeping Karter a bit closer. I think I created too much independence in Kian and need to balance it out =)

I've tried a few signs with Karter, he prefers to slap the tray or table if he wants more, instead of using the sign 'more'. He also prefers to attempt words. For a week or so, he'd say "ni-ni" and I couldn't figure out if he was wanting to nurse or go to bed. Well, it became apparent that when he was overtired (in the store during naptime, etc.) he would start saying "ni-ni". I was surprised, he's asking for "night-night". We've deemed this his official first word. Seriously. What 8 month old does that? People are shocked and thrilled that he attempts to say hi too, when they say it to him he says "haaaa" and waves. He's using mama and dada discriminately, but doesn't use them too often. Actually, he says dada more, since Kevin isn't home all day and he gets excited to see him.

He's seeming to be enjoying and really wanting foods now. But, mind you, not baby foods. Real food. People food. He prefers finger foods to anything on a spoon, and anything that's too runny he pretty much refuses. I have to make my oatmeal pretty lumpy and thick for him. I do buy this Peach Apricot Museli from Earth's best. The only thing he'll eat from a jar. It's super thick, chunky with grains, and perfect for when I know he hasn't had a dirty diaper in a few days. This will make one happen pretty darn quick. =) His fave foods? Sweet potato fries, frozen for when he's teething, or cooked. Any type of crunchy cracker type food. Potatoes, loves to pick up a whole salt potato and go to town on it. Gnawing on baby carrots and corn on the cob. Watermelon, any melon, really. Bananas, but sadly I have to limit those due to the diaper thing mentioned before. Peas. Cauliflower, both he and Kian love it. Asparagus stalks, boiled, grilled, roasted, whatever. Apples. Avocados. Dry cereal (life, cheerios, etc. sorry I won't pay the $4 for a box of Kix! does WIC still pay for those at that price?!) Beans, any and all kinds of beans. He'll have scrambled eggs sometimes, likes pancakes, pretty much whatever we have, he has some version of, whether i cut it up, or take it out before i add too much spice, etc. Oh wait, those don't sound like baby foods to you? Don't tell Karter that.

And since he got 4 top teeth in the last week, I don't think he'll have a problem with those foods. Right middle finally finished poking through mid week, last week and then Saturday he woke up with the 2 outer top teeth, and now the middle left one is just about in. Oy vey. It's been a crabby week for sure! I think he was more crabby than Kian was during all that. Granted, I think Kian had a couple weeks between middle top and outer top teeth. Only the frozen fries or some pain meds would help him, no cold things, no ice, he didn't want it. Just to be held and given pain reliever. Whatever works.

But, his all-time, most favorite thing ever? Water. Yep. The boy's a fish. If he hears water running he gets all excited, kicking his legs and screeching. Now he stands up and tries to climb in the tub if I don't get him in fast enough. He doesn't sit in the kiddie pool like most babies, oh no, he has to crawl around, splash and put his face in it. He's rolled over in it a few times, scaring me, but he coughs and laughs and keeps going. I took the boys to the pool at Kevin's gym last week when it was about 90 degrees. Trying to hang on to Karter in the pool was a tough task, he just wanted to be in it, on his belly, splashing and kicking. Thankfully, this year Kian is not afraid of it, but that made my job a little harder! I need to stop at Target or wal-mart and get me some baby floaty things!

Karter is a little bit more of a lover than Kian was at this age. He still loves his thumb, loves mama, loves to hold my hair, or a soft blanket in his hands and to his face. He's my tactile sensory boy, also loves being upside down (Kian hated that until about 2). Kian's more the running, jumping, banging sensory input kid. Karter's still a peanut barely 17 lbs (we'll see at their double check-ups in a couple weeks) even looks kind of skinny, except for his deceiving chubby cheeks. He can fit in some 3-6, 6-9 or 12 month depending on brand, etc. So strange. Hates hats though, takes hoods and hats off immediately. Kian really loves Karter and alos likes trying to make him do things and pick him up, which is not so good. He wants to involve Karter in everything, which is nice. We love to watch them just laugh and be silly together, it does a heart good. My two boys, so sweet so crazy, and both growing way, way too fast.

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