Not Me! Monday

It's been awhile since I've done one of these...

It wasn't me who stripped my boys down to diapers and shorts/underwear yesterday because the temperature was 88 with about 99% humidity at a family party. So then it definitely wasn't me who let Karter dig into my plate and paint himself with baked beans, pasta, chicken and whatever was on there. Couldn't have been me who then took said dirty baby into the bathroom and wiped him down with cold water and my hands to get him clean. Nope.

Can't be me who insists on keeping an ugly plastic tablecloth on top of a pretty, linen tablecloth so that we get the ugly, plastic one dirty and I can then just rip that off to reveal the pretty one in case we get a call for showing the house.

Wasn't me who kept throwing the dog back in his crate the other night, yelling at him to be quiet, and then later found out there were ants all over his crate. I couldn't have made that "oops!".

Certainly wasn't me who forgot to notice the puppy pooping in the corner of someone's yard on our walk, forgetting to pick it up.

I don't go barefoot so often, and let my children also go barefoot all the time, not so much that we both forgot to get Kian's shoes from the beach the other day. I did not go to Wal-mart today and buy him a new pair of flip-flops in replacement.

We didn't have ice cream cones for dinner last Sunday, after Kian's birthday party and filling up on picnic foods and sandwiches. Nope, we're much healthier than that. And I wouldn't inadvertently cause Karter to suffer my dairy ingestion just because.

I do not continuously refuel Kian's want of another sibling with my own want for another baby, and I do not encourage him to want a baby sister. That would just be wrong for us to gang up on Kevin like that.

Did not just discover that my SIZE 6 pants are TOO BIG, did not do a happy dance, and did not tell Kevin I needed to go to Penney's right away for new ones.

I do not have an addiction to babylegs. I have not bought 8 pairs in the last 3 months. I did not just buy another pair because they were on sale--again! I also did not buy any girly pairs, just for the heck of it. Nope, I wouldn't be so irresponsible with my $6 and free shipping.

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