The boys are growing so fast and doing so much lately. I packed their baby books away with the rest of the books, and tried to quickly jot down a few things, but I am way behind in both of them!

Karter's 7th tooth just surfaced, that makes 3 on the bottom and 4 on the top, with some molars on the top getting bumpy and annoying him. He signs "more" and "please" but never on command, usually when he feels like it. He's babbling a lot now, and not just baby "ba, ga, ma" sounds. Kian thinks it's funny, it sounds like Chinese or something, these long "ajeegobadoo amama dee" you get the point. He's making lots of sounds and imitates the inflection and syllables we say. If Kian says "hi Jon" Karter will say "haa dah".

He's a speedy little crawler. Yesterday he climbed up on a little wooden chair at the library, turned around and sat. Um, you're not even a year old yet! Physically I think he's ahead of Kian in a lot of ways, like climbing up the slide, by walking up it.

I had told a couple people a couple weeks ago that he wasn't interested in books yet. He wanted to make me a liar because right after i said that, books are his new favorite thing. If I try to put him for a nap without reading him a book, he stands up and points to his bookshelf and grunts. So, we read, and not just one.

Water is still his favorite thing ever. We've been swimming a lot more this summer compared to others and Karter is a big fan. He does not stay in his baby float. Nope, not him. He knows to lean over, kick his feet and paddle his hands. He also knows if he leans far enough over he will be able to slide out into the water. Good Lord, he's a troublemaker already. Have to have all eyes and hands on him at every second. He's slid out of the float into the pool a couple times. He prefers to be held on his belly and kick and splash and paddle his hands. No fear this one.

Speaking of our little swimmer... Kian was slightly afraid of the water last year, wanting to be held a lot. This year, no fear for him either. He walks out into the lake up to his chin. He kicks and puts his face in the water. He wants to wear his goggles like daddy and Jon and puts his face in. When at Jon's pool, he will only use a noodle under his arms and kick and swim around the pool. He has trouble keeping his mouth closed though. He likes to jump in from the side. He's discovered he can walk around the pool on his tip toes and is not afraid to do that now. It just proves he's not a baby, not a toddler anymore. He's a little boy now. Eek.

Kian's new love is dinosaurs. Every week we take out new books on dinosaurs. And not cartoony ones, real encyclopedia-style ones. He knows the name of several, can tell you facts about them. I love watching his learning, his mind, his excitement about learning. It's fantastic. I've also been teaching him some Spanish words. (Pardon my French-first background, but in reality Spanish is the second most used language in America I think, so he'll probably encounter that much more often...) He is also very into spelling words now. He asks me all the time "how do you spell 'lake' or 'river'." Or he'll ask what letters are in the word, and he'll want to type the words on my keyboard. It's good practice for him, so I let him type away.

He can ride his tricycle, pedal it all on his own. He swings like a monkey from all the various bars on the swing set, seeing how there isn't actually monkey bars on it. He's learning to command Finn. He loves to write and draw, and his drawings are much more than scribbles now. He is a good helper all around, all the time. He feeds Finn every night and every morning now, his new chore for "his" puppy. He still says the funniest, craziest things, and it's all very entertaining =)

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