Conversations with Kian--funniest kid

This kid and I, we're completely the same and completely the opposite in the same breath. Perhaps it's why we butt heads so much, we're both stubborn, very independent and oh so many things, but being a parent to essentially a mini-you is very challenging. But, not without it's rewards. He's hilarious, even without trying to be, and when he is trying to be, it's still pretty funny too.

"pretty sure" is one of his favorite phrases right now, for everything. "I'm pretty sure Finn wants Karter's food", or something similar.

But the one that really got me is this conversation we had Monday night. When you would ask Kian what he wanted to be when he grew up he would say "a shark feeder and a farmer". Then over the last few weeks it morphed into "a shark farmer". Pretty cool, I say. I explained he'd have to take marine biology classes, hehe. He said "yes, I'll go to shark school."

So, after a week of Kevin being home, but not quite available for playing, then going back to work yesterday, Kian was at his um, best for misbehavior Monday. At bedtime, we discussed his behavior, my lack of patience with it, some yelling and consequences that went on, etc. He said "I was naughty because I don't want daddy back to work." I explained that daddy has to work, so mommy can stay home and that so we can eat and such. He looked up at me and said "Well, when I grow up, I am going to be a parent. Then I can stay home." I told him that yes, mommy got to stay home, but I still had jobs to do, like cooking and cleaning and taking care of them. Without missing a beat he says "Well, when I"m a parent and I stay home my job will just be going to the dump. I will throw all the garbage out in the dump."

Ah, I love this kid. Now if we could just get him to understand saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I"m sorry" immediately after he throws his brother off a chair, doesn't quite cut it...

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