Karter's 1st birthday

Yes, he's 14 months now and I am 2 months behind. Ah, probably going to be the rest of my life. Oh well. In true Karter fashion, he welcomed his birthday with passive observation. It takes a lot to get this boy excited, (like cats and dogs) but when he is, he really is. (I will say that has changed in the last 2 months though, he's asserting himself quite a bit lately...more on that in another post.)

Card-throwing is better fun than actually opening anything...

Then he gave me some great shots by the window

Opening gifts from Kevin's parents...

These two are exact clones of Kevin's one year old pictures, it's scary!

His cake, from his favorite book at the time "Deep Blue Sea" by Audrey Woods

There's a brown nut, in the green tree, on the red rock in the middle of the deep blue sea...

Happy 1st birthday my sweet

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