Day 4 and the test update *and an edit

Last night, Karter slept from 8pm until 4:15 am. He wanted a little snack (couple bites of Kevin's danish again) then back to sleep until 6am. That's when I let him come in my bed and/or nurse. Good deal. That's success to me. That's the longest he's ever slept. That's considered overnight. I'm happy for now. I, of course, couldn't fall asleep for over half an hour, laying in bed at 10:30 just waiting for him to wake up, but he didn't!

I can tell it's been good for him sleeping longer stretches because today he only had a 20 minute nap due to his test at Strong, and he was fine. Not even crabby....well, until he had to be velcro-strapped onto a board under the machine. Ugh! They wanted him to drink his cup of juice or milk or whatever, after not eating for 2 hours (that was not fun, Kian and I sneaking lunch before we went, with Karter following us around "eee! eee!" to eat). Karter's not a big drinker, unless he wants to be. I brought a yogurt and talked to the tech. She told me "you're the mom, you know him best, whatever you think he will get the most in, give him that." So, we mixed the radioactive stuff in his yogurt. She told me not to get it on his shirt or it would show up in the test. Here's me, feeding radioactive yogurt to my kid, getting it on my hands and there's Kian, sitting in the midst of all these machines and chemo signs. Hmm...felt a bit odd, like I hoped they weren't getting poisoned. ;) But we found out Karter can say "out" and/or "off" as he lay there screaming those words, trying to rip the velcro vest straps off. More words-yay!

They had to take a picture every 5 minutes for the first 30 minutes, then he could get down and it'd be every 15 minutes. Well, having your already tired, hungry, thirsty, annoyed 16 month old strapped to a papoose board under a big x-ray machine...not fun. He screamed and thrashed and cried these big, wet tears. But, the boys made out like bandits with all the stickers from the receptionist and tech. Cool ones too, not cheap tacky ones. Farm scenes to create on stickers. Cool, I tell ya. So Karter took to chucking the toys at the tech, from under the machine, being velcroed down. Luckily, she thought it was funny. She complimented his 'good arm' and said he should be a quarterback and she didn't blame him. His aim, super good, he almost hit her every time. Ah it was funny. But, anyway, the test only took about an hour, so I'm assuming he didn't have slowed digestion...we'll see if it's fast (which we were thinking) not sure about the reflux. We could have had results later afternoon or definitely by Monday, but I'm not stressing about it.

Oddly enough, this week I stopped milk, cheese and eggs. His diarrhea cleared up the next day. I gave him the pillow back in his crib-it was mine, so my smell plus the raising of his head, and he slept 8 hours the next day. I'm just tweaking things here and there to see what we can figure out. of course he's been eating a lot the last few days. He looks a little chubbier, I tried to weigh him and it looked like about 21 lbs. I hope that's right, but I'm skeptical since he was 18.8 2 weeks ago, but stranger things have happened. We're getting there, little by little...

I took them to Build-a-bear to get clothes for their Christmas bear and owl, and we got Moe's Southwest grille for dinner, mmm! Hopefully that made up for the crappy 2 hours in a hospital being velcroed to a board. Poor kid. Moe's is my new love...Kian's too, he always asks for "moo moo Mr. cow" meal. ha!

On a funny note--Kian asked for a new pet in the car. He asked for a turtle. I said no, turtles are boring, disease-ridden and don't do anything fun. He informed me that they "go in their shell for 3 hours in the morning, then come out and swim and talk to me, then go in their shells at night, they are too fun Mom." Right. So, the answer was no. "Okay, then I want a baby sister. A tiny one, not a big baby sister, a tiny baby sister. She has to be tiny so I can hold her." Agreed, done. I said "well, you'll have to tell daddy to put one in my belly." His answer? "No, I will tell God to put her in your belly." Touche! Kid knows it. His daddy's just refusing to see the writing on the wall ha!

Also the other highlight of Kian's day, seeing the Mercy Flight helicopter right over our heads and land on the roof next to us. We got out of the car in the garage and all of a sudden we were about deaf. We ran to the open windows of the garage to watch the helicopter land on the roof. He was in awe. It was pretty cool, but I had to tell him it wasn't that cool because it meant soemone got hurt bad. That thing is one heck of a copter!

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