Burn baby burn

My poor baby. We were trying to do a project and were using the hot glue gun. Of course all warnings fell on (selectively) deaf ears. Ugh. Karter reached up and into his project before I could help him. Right where I just put a line of glue, straight out of the gun. Ugh! I ran it under cold water immediately, but he wouldn't let me pull the piece of glue off (becomes like a plastic cap on your finger) so it was continuing to smolder under there. Finally, after an ice cube, I got the glue off and there was a nice, white blister.

Of course, the worse part is, it's his sucking thumb. Poor kiddo. I don't want him to suck his thumb forever but neither of us are ready for that to be over, and not via a craft injury. I rocked him and had to help him get to sleep for nap. It was so sad to see him trying to suck his left thumb and not figure out quite how to do it. Then try to stick his right thumb in his mouth and cry "burn!" and ask me to blow on it, all over again. He finally gave up and just snuggled his pillow pet and drifted off. I think once he wakes up it won't be as painful, but with the blister I don't know that he'll be able to suck on it tonight either. I hope this does NOT interrupt his great sleeping habits he's been accruing this week!

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