Our busy day

So, today was a busy day in our house. You don't realize how little things turn into big things, quickly. Like every other day, I was skimming facebook and saw a post by 13wham about vaccines. So, I commented and then emailed my thoughts. I thought, "ok they might use some quotes or put it with other people's thoughts". Then 2 minutes later I get an email and request for a phone call and then an interview request! Wahh??

Within 5 minutes I was set up for a short interview, to happen in 2 hours! Fastest house pick up ever, threw the big pans that were soaking in my sink into my oven. Shh! I didn't get to vacuum but, oh well. Fastest shower (I was planning on doing gardening so was in an old, too short tee shirt and some stained cotton white capris) make up I haven't worn in ages--foundation! Was it still good? No idea, but on it went.

When they finally arrived, kids of course had been prepped but still were somewhat crazy. I had to put Kian in front of tv. Sigh. Then, the cameraman decided to film in the sunroom/screen porch because it had the best lighting. Um, yeah i did not clean that area! I quick swept the bbq utensils off the cabinet behind me, forgot the Christmas tree and mallet were behind me. Ugh.

Evan Dawson was down to earth, easy to talk to, made me less nervous and comfortable. He asked some good questions about my thoughts and beliefs about vaccines, and I felt like I stated my thoughts well and organized, not many 'ums'. Then they wanted to go shoot some of me and the kids, doing what we'd normally be doing in the afternoon. I said outside, so we jumped on the trampoline, swingset, and Kian wanted to water the garden. Um, okay. ha. Evan was cool enough and nice enough to get on the trampoline with Kian. They taped that, I'd like to see that ;) Of course, they edited out a bunch and only left me with 2 short phrases, one being what people think about us non vaccinating moms. I said 'crunchy and quacky' um yeah duuurrrh.

After that, I realized the cats had got out of the house into the screen porch and then pushed through the screens out and were outside. Ugh. But, they come back and I had seen them hanging out and wasn't too worried. I changed back into my 'play clothes' and the boys and I finished planting the garden veggies, some flowers and herbs out front. This entire time, Finn was right there with us. I let him ut of the kennel when the TV 'crew' left and he ran around and played with us. While I was planting, he was laying right by my car, 6 feet away, sleeping. When I finished, he had totally vanished. The boys hadn't seen him go anywhere, neither had I. Of course he has no collar on, no tags nothing. Ugh! Grr! Called him, whistled, walked around, nothing. I had to give the boys something to eat quick as it was dinner and they were starving. Then I cleaned them up and put them in the car to drive around. He's still out there, gone for the night. Sigh. I feel bad. But, literally he was there, then gone! He's been good actually for the most part, about staying right with the boys and me. He runs away when Kevin lets him out, especially without the remote collar. But, he listens better to me and has been staying right nearby. Of curse he's had some skin allergies and nasty skin/sores, etc. I had to shave and clean. Called Humane Society and left a message, so we'll see in the morning I guess. Ahh! Guess he's gonna have to get tied up. Link

Also, we are watching our second and third sets of baby robins that have been hatching around the house. Exciting for Kian, kind of ugly right now though. Oh, and 3 chickens got out. And the boys ran outside about 14 times, half of them naked, and always without asking or supervision. There's 3 doors to get outside and I have to run through the house figuring out where they are and which one they went out. Bah! I definitely get my exercise. Can't go to the bathroom at all, too much excitement going on!

Video from 13wham.

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