What I Do All Day (and it's only noon)

My Saturday actually started right at 12:30am when Karter woke up screaming. I went in and he wouldn't be comforted. He wanted "ahnge" (orange juice) and "you bed". After 20 mins I gave in to "you bed". He then smacked my mouth (right where the cankersore is!) causing me to yelp. I made Kevin finally get up and get him his "ahnge". He finally settled down, when Kian, who got woken up by the racket, climbed in bed with us, and his pillow, and his blanket. "Move over mommy, I can't get my pillow on too." So we all rolled over and...none fell out surprisingly. After a lot of squirming and wiggling and everyone being too hot, Kian finally said "I want to go back to my bed." And off he went. Whew.

Karter woke up around 5 for another drink, finally fell back to sleep until 7am. Needless to say, I did not sleep so well. I blame the chocolate and tons of processed foods he ate yesterday. Sigh. We got up, dressed, and while we did that, Kian dumped his big bin of Build A Bear clothes and toys. And moved his toy shelf. Room rearranging at 7 am, score. Made it downstairs to let the dog out. Kian fed the dog, which Karter promptly took into the playroom and spread all over. I let the chickens out into the garden, a few escaped but went right back in. I came in and made them eggs and fruit. Both got covered in ketchup. I then rinsed dishes and pans and wiped down the counters. In this time they tried to get into the baking cupboard, which I stopped luckily.

We went to the playroom to pick up dog food, Kian offered to vacuum. I gladly accepted. While I put toys away he started vacuuming. He stopped, dumped all the contents of the vacuum canister on the living room rug. He accidentally sucked up Karter's scarf thingy. I then had to vacuum the entire house (which is all carpet and takes FOR-EV-ER!) Finished putting toys away and vacuuming all the carpets. I shut off the vacuum to find Kian in the kitchen with a chair. He was 'making oatmeal'. He was able to get a very big bowl, fill it with water and a packet of oatmeal and made it into the microwave. But he spilled a lot of water when he put it in the microwave, which is above the stove. I cleaned the stove and floor up from water. Made them both a snack/second breakfast of oatmeal.

Oh, did I mention that while all this was going on they both continually ran outside, Karter naked, Kian in only underwear? Jeremy was mowing and Finn was outside, Karter wanted to "ride mow Jeremy" and Kian was being crazy. While I talked to Jeremy for 2 minutes Kian dumped 2 boxes of games and toys out all over the garage floor that we are so kindly storing for my mother from Patrick and Savannah. Emphasis on kindly. Sarcasm included. Picked that up. Both boys peed on the deck. Inside for clothes.

Now they wanted lunch. We made ham sandwiches, then Karter decided he wanted peanut butter. Then they got the back of crackers/pretzels out, picked out which ones they wanted and left the rest on the table. I opened my computer for a few minutes while they ate and turned on one of their CD's. There was a song about making music with pots and pans. So, of course Kian gets up and takes out a couple pans, and some spoons. Fine with me, go make 'music'. Then he kept running in and grabbing more spoons. I got up to look and half my silverware drawer is out there. I start helping them pick that up, missed a phone call and then I hear the dog start yelping like crazy. Like he's being murdered. and he almost was. I had to chase Kian around the house to grab the dog remote for the shock collar as he was holding down the button, shocking the poop out of poor Finn. He was then too scared to come back outside, just laid inside. Sigh. I had to swat Kian so he'd stop and I could grab the remote. Thus ensued a crying fit.

Kevin then walked in the door and asked what was going on, as Karter ran outside, again, naked. Oh, nothing much. That was just before noon. I also weeded the courtyard, trimmed all the bushes, got stuck with prickers, loaded the wheelbarrow with weeds. Chased chickens again. Put a child for a nap, cleaned kids, unclogged toilets, played Superhero Rummy with Kian, chatted with dad when he stopped for a quick visit with Kenny, loaded the dishwasher, gathered laundry, read stories, filled cups, played baby dolls and dressed them, took laundry off the line, gave snacks and dinner, cleaned all the nasty old grass off the mower, jumped on the trampoline with the boys-twice, fed the dog, watered the cats, fed fish, took a late shower, got kids ready, went to a carnival, rode rides and ate fried dough (this was hard, really) watched a fireworks show, and then managed to get "my" child (Kevin took Karter and failed this objective!) out of his seat, into the house, took his sweatshirt and shoes off, turned on his AC, took off his pants and put a diaper on all without waking him up. Kevin's child was awake by carseat unbuckle two. Ah ha! And really, some people have the gall to ask what stay at home mom's do all day?

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