My son, the teenager

Apparently 4 is the new 14. Kian has shown me that lately.

When he asks me to get something or do something, and I say "okay, I'm coming". He answers me "but, you're not". "But you're not!" Over again until I actually have finished said task.

His other new thing is to say "WRONG ANSWER!" whenever any of us says something he doesn't like, it's completely true, or if we say "I don't know". Oh boy.

And finally, this one takes the cake. Today, we were picking the last of the grape tomatoes and peppers in the garden; he and Karter were playing on the old wagon and being silly. I moved closer to them and said "be careful that doesn't tip over on you". He looks at me, says "it's always a party until you get here Mom". ??!!! I wasn't sure I should give him a scolding or laugh... I laughed. Eesh, I am scared to really get to 14.

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