I really like 4

Yeah I know, I haven't touched my blog in ages. Sorry. Life happens, is happening, keeping up with house and yard and kids and animals and just...life. Computer facetime comes much later at night when my creativity isn't flowing.

Anyways. I like 4. I really like 4. Four years old is amazing. I really, really did not like three years old. That was a really rough year. (Interestingly, Karter is making 2 a challenge, when Kian was easy as pie at two; of course.) But, this year 4, it's so much better.

Kian amazes us, and himself, daily. I can see it. His vocabulary, sentence structure, it's so advanced and he truly believes he's 10 at times, and I almost could be convinced at times. His pronunciation has always been great, but the conversations blow me away lately. He asked me to describe dinner, called me 'lovely Mommy' and asked what spices I put on the rice, etc. The conversations we have about God, death, heaven, he gets so much and wants to understand so much. (I don't believe there's any benefit from really hiding a lot of things just because of his age, we just tailor it.) He really 'gets' the way things work, and will work at figuring it out, with toys or legos or electronics, anything.

Not only his behavior and attitudes have improved, his drawing and writing are looking good. I was a bit worried at his crazy left-hand grasp (which is still weird, but we're working on it) but he draws people and animals and mangers and randomly will write "Neenee" on stockings so I think no worries needed. He's getting back to his sweet self. Of course we still have normal challenges of childhood, but it's so much better than three years old.

I love seeing Kian help Karter with tasks, sharing with him, reading to him, teaching him how to do things, yes even the naughty things. The realization that others have feelings, the world is affected, outside his own self... I just am enjoying Kian so much more lately, and I love it. I love that baby stage, but each day a whole new world opens up, as we are playing Go Fish and Rummy and "big kid" stuff that we can enjoy as a family. He's so helpful and wanting to learn to do other 'big kid' stuff, like helping Kevin with tools also. I just love watching him grow and change and mature. He just warms my heart. Glad to know despite the crazy days, and in spite of me, he's growing right...

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